Ethan, a magician rendered paralyzed in an accident, sets off a furor when he makes a petition to the court to end his own life.

A paralyzed Magician-turned-Radio Jockey files a Petition in Court seeking permission to end his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xavier C (mx) wrote: The plot is nice. Seeing ways that the characters are uniquely vulnerable was useful for exploring their character traits, more so for some than others. The opening action scene is really weak compared to what comes later in the movie, mainly because the fight sequences are good to the point that it's hard to measure up. The runtime is perfect; it's relatively short, but it uses its time very wisely and doesn't have any unnecessary filler content. There are unfortunately a couple lines of dialogue that fall flat entirely, seeming unnatural or pointing out the obvious for no good reason. At times it was both.

Ted H (it) wrote: For what it is it is quite splendid. The ending was a bit hackneyed but 90% of the film was great!

Rob M (us) wrote: Visually stuning, this is a truly audiovisual trip. Totally innovative way to tell a story, very dense at times and you will wait the WHOLE movie for a dialogue, but that will never happen cuz the only words in the movie are "THANK YOU"!At the end I didn'tknow what to think, it takes a while to digest this movie, the lack of dialogues are compensated by the very rich photography and visual journeys, hard to describe since the screenplay is basically developed in visual codes and images.At the end I was a little confused, I wasn't sure if I have watched a real masterpiece or one of the visual-philosophical Mathew Barneys caprices which he calls "art".

Jessie V (fr) wrote: This movie is a little bizzare and fucked up...I find that enjoyable. Plus: Vincent D'Onofrio Minus: Cameron Diaz

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Incredible and fascinating series of documentaries, they should be required viewing for everyone, not just people that love movies, but for people in general. I've been watching these over the past couple of weeks and they are so enjoyable and so addicting, I just got done watching 49 Up and I'm sad that I have to wait so long for the next installment. Watching all of the kids grow up, it's amazing to see how they transform and yet stay the same. Suzy used to be such a bitch and they she took a drast turn, Bruce seems to have quite the fulfilling life, and of course Neil, who is just so tragic and yet so inspring. I'm am extremely glad I finally saw these.

(ru) wrote: This was the my fevorite movie in my childhood. I have seen this movie more then 300 times. It still reminds me my childhood.

Greg W (kr) wrote: remake of a 1930 early talkie first directed by frank borzage this time helmed by the gr8 master fritz lang.

Troy K (gb) wrote: Entertaining, but there are so many conveniences taken with the plot that it can be embarrassing.

Gillian M (us) wrote: lots of pretty people but not enough action and hardly any scares! good twist though.

Paul K (de) wrote: Malick doing what Malick does. He's been doing it more frequently recently and I think that some of the mystique is wearing thin. However this film is unbeatable for weird, and wonderful, camera angles, atmospheric Hopper-esque landscape shots, tremendous musical score. The plot is hard to follow and full of nonsequiturs, and there's hardly any verbal dialogue. It isn't uplifting: the message seems to me to be that love fails and humans don't quite connect at the deepest level. Still, it's absorbing, and well-made, and unique.

Jerem M (it) wrote: When you watch the movie that beat out Citizen Kane for the Best Picture Oscar, you expect to see something magnficent. While How Green... isn't exactly that, it's still quite good. The writing, acting, cinematography, set design and even sound editing are all above par. Though, some of the Welsh accents sound forced and a couple are positively funny. Roddy McDowell as the young lead does a decent job of holding the sprawling story together. Side note: was there ever anything good about being Welsh or Irish or Scottish in the olden days? The movies certainly don't think so.