Gwai maa seung sing

Gwai maa seung sing

A con man and a small time gambler team up to hustle their way to great fortune.

A con man and a small time gambler team up to hustle their way to great fortune. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gwai maa seung sing torrent reviews

jacqlyn m (gb) wrote: would really like a chance to watch this movie.

Sarah T (fr) wrote: Amazing, though provoking. Thank you.

Xun W (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen. Concept was smart, with a great reveal. Highly memorable. I'm reminded of it due to recently watching Wayward pines, which have many of the similar concepts, that I originally watched in Pandorum

Red R (it) wrote: I agree with other comments that Eva Green carried most of the film

Khaled T (kr) wrote: 05 ? ??? Black Belt Every true Karateka must watch this film! Its about three dedicated Karate disciples, Taiken Giryo and Choei, who train with master Shibara. During one of their training sessions, they are visited by the military police attempting to take control of their dojo. The 3 Karate students refuse to give away their dojo and instead resist the police. They defeat those who challenged them and severly hurt them. On his deathbed, Mast Shibara gives them some final words on the real meaning of Karate and talks about who should be worthy of inheriting his black belt. Taiken and Giryo discover the meaning of their master's words through different paths, actually opposing paths leading to their master's black belt. Wonderful Karate film! Its the first Karate movie that truly illustrates the power of traditional Karate, and specifically the power of the Kata. Most of the techniques used in the fight scenes are taken from the traditional Karate Kata. The fight scenes were simply breath taking.

Jason D (gb) wrote: If you've seen one people trapped in the woods and hunted by crazed hill folk, then you've seen them all. Backwoods is such a film about a group of computer programmers going on a team building exercise that consists of two teams playing paintball in a particularly unfriendly forest. Things get bad for the group when they are all ambushed and kidnapped by a large group of wood folk comprised of militia men, inbred hillbillies, and religious nuts, ran by a crazed woman and Mark Rolston (Aliens, Survival Quest), who believes the paintballers are from the FBI and just happens to be the most fun to watch in this film. The kidnapped group now must work together to save the women from being fucktoys and get out of the compound alive. Aside from Rolston (whom I think is the films most popular actor), more people may be keen to see this for performances from Haylie Duff (Hilary's less popular BUT sexier sister) and Ryan Merriman (Final Destination 3). There's a tiny role from Jonathan Slavin, whom I enjoyed watching in the underrated Andy Richter Controls the Universe TV show. For the most part, this film isn't a bad time killer, but there's nothing unique or original about it. It also attempts to be way cooler than it is with its flashy MTV camerawork and music. Meh.

David J (nl) wrote: Occasionally awesome, but usually violent as heck and mind numbingly dumb. Lives off of speed, guns, and scantily clad female navigators.

Smriti J (gb) wrote: Surprising in some ways, that which is beyond understanding. Brilliant, when watched in silence. The closing scene will hang on to you. Personally, this will keep me in wonder for days.

Hannah D (ag) wrote: not really sure what the point of this movie is but it's interesting. guy pearce is bomb? lol but i'm not carving his name in my forehead

Andrew H (ca) wrote: Great movie directed by Robert Englund. Very underrated.

Murder C (jp) wrote: In a world effected by a nuclear-holocaust, a anti-hero that goes by the name of Scorpion (Giancarlo Prete) hooks up with Nadir (Fred Williamson) to fight of a gang called Templars. "I nuovi barbari" (The New Barbarians) is a real low-budget post-apocalyptic exploitation with silly special effects, but it also happens to be one of the most entertaining "Mad Max: Road Warrior" rip-off's I have seen. Well worth checking out if you are into 'post-apocalyptic' movies.

Saad C (gb) wrote: Very twisted-- revolves around sibling rivalry, not really seen in movies.

Brian B (de) wrote: Stylish, but stupidly preposterous.

Bob W (ag) wrote: Finally! For years people have asked me what the worst movie I ever saw was. Now I know. Poor acting, embarrassing effects, bad makeup, nonsensical plot, comical understanding of faith, terrible direction, offensive to the point of anger, random idiocy, and stupid dialogue. Borrows from many genres (ninja, occult, spy, superhero, horror, zombie, sci-fi, B movie) yet manages to be the worst caricature of each at the same time. Cut from the wrong "cloth" (I couldn't help it), one is tempted to think this DVD is possessed by a demonic creature of offensive, unintentional and unnecessary black comedy. Holy grenades, its an exorcist superhero!

Sharon K (es) wrote: Hated this so much. Walked out before the end.

Conrad T (nl) wrote: Ok but definition tell not scary.