GWAR: It's Sleazy!

GWAR: It's Sleazy!


It's Sleazy is Gwar's fifth conceptual movie, in which the band appears on Sleazy P. Martini's talk show. The story of the film is based on their We Kill Everything album. This movie is included in the "Gwar DVD Box Set". This is the last Gwar movie to feature Hunter Jackson, Casey Orr, and Danielle Stampe, as well as the only movie to feature Zach Blair, as members of Gwar. Chuck Varga, who had left Gwar in 1996, immediately following the tours for RagNaRok, makes his final appearance as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


GWAR: It's Sleazy! torrent reviews

Darren W (gb) wrote: Very funny film on the difference between religion and faith. As only the Indians can do.

Byron H (au) wrote: While the first movie is original, honest and has an important message, this second movie unfortunately feels like an unwarranted apology for the "offence" the first movie might have caused. Incredibly predictable, unfunny with the "let's make up and be happy everyone" tone of a Disney kid movie.

Steven S (br) wrote: One of the best films I've seen in a while.

Amanda C (fr) wrote: Ehh...not good at all.

iva L (ca) wrote: I just LOVE this movie.... It seems senseless, yet at the same time, sooo familiar... :-)

Trevor C (it) wrote: I feel this is one of the most relatable coming out films I've seen.

intuciic (kr) wrote: great and very heavy movie! great story and performance!

Rasmus B (jp) wrote: Very violent, almost repulsive. Phillips is good.

Logan M (fr) wrote: A neurotic screwball comedy so funny, it'll drive any who watch it a little batty.

David R (es) wrote: A wonderful, tongue-in-cheek south seas swashbuckler with Tommy Lee Jones as the pirate Bully Hayes, saving a married missionary couple from the clutches of slaver and rival Ben Pease and the German Navy.

Daniel G (de) wrote: I was hoping that there wasn't a page for this film so that I didn't have to write a review about how bad this film actually is.But, there is so I'll be brief.The acting is terrible, the scenario is stupid and most of the "gags" now fall flat. I will give it a little credit as there is one or two slightly funny gags, but not enough.This film may have been slightly funny in the 50's, but it certainly isn't now.

Ed C (fr) wrote: One of the funniest Knotts/Conway movies. This was is great.

Anthony T (mx) wrote: Clint Eastwood versus a prison. Clint wins! Blu-ray looks and sounds excellent.

Jerico T (ru) wrote: I can totally feel how lonely the guy was in the movie.