Gwei tai jian

Gwei tai jian

Eunuch Gui Dehai avoids assassination and extracts a most bloody revenge on the royal family. This revenge extends to the absent Prince and the Eunuch sends out men to find and kill him. ...

Eunuch Gui Dehai avoids assassination and extracts a most bloody revenge on the royal family. This revenge extends to the absent Prince and the Eunuch sends out men to find and kill him. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan S (it) wrote: Pretty interesting movie with a twist in it. There were some parts I scream at, but then again I scream in most scary movies.

Laura S (it) wrote: It's a good movie but not the scary thriller I wanted it to be.

Harry T (mx) wrote: Chimo doesn't understand but doesn't judge Lila for doing what she thinks will entice him - result of her rather twisted mind, trying to take back the sexuality she never had from her aunt. Her sexual fantasies are like a breath of fresh air in a society where the act is less taboo than the thought. Chimo's jealous friend who's only interested in getting into Lila's pants is quick to resort to name calling because she can see right through him and rejects him. The prejudices that are easy to have because of her "hypersexualisation" will be broken, sadly not in the way it should have been. I think it's an important reflexion on the repression of sexuality at a young age that may make teenagers more vulnerable to pornography, prostitution etc.

Memo P (mx) wrote: Excelente documental, fuerte impresionante, aunque ms que el trabajo documental en si es el trabajo de tan extraordinario fotografo... hay mucho que decir (basico pa los que gustan de la foto)

Lucas V (us) wrote: So this guy is obsessed with his dead girlfriend. I got that. Is there anything else this movie has to say????

Simon M (ca) wrote: Rob Lowe is surprisingly good as the slimy pyschotic bad guy in this. A good follow up to Curtis Hanson's fun Hitchcock homage The Bedroom Window.

Derek W (it) wrote: The ultimate testament to the adage "actions speak louder than words", even if the actions evoke feelings most would rather not feel.

Dan H (es) wrote: A fantastic film. While most of the songs aren't the most memorable ever, there are still some winners hidden in the bunch. The strongest thing about this film is the story (surprisingly), and Robert Morse does a pretty great job as our "hero", a devious but joyful and charming window-washer that finds himself quickly climbing the corporate ranks after he comes into possession of a business how-to book. This musical is easily one of my all-time favorites due to it's exuberant and fun nature. Definitely a must-see.

Bob V (mx) wrote: One of the very last movies that got made before the reinforcement of the Production Code, and the shortest film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture (then still called 'outstanding production). The film and its star Mae West were also cited as two of the main reasons for creating the Legion of Decency by its founder. Mae is in fine form, tossing double entendres & risqu (C) one-liners left, right and usually at a strapping fellow. She devises some of the standard quips that are still imitated today by people who have never heard of Mae West. So the whole thing is a fun enough ride, but it feels more like a showcase of West's cabaret-esque abilities than a movie with an actual coherent plot, and while Miss Mae was undoubtedly hot stuff back in the thirties, her bawdy brand of sexy doesn't come off all that convincing. As a matter of fact, I don't believe I have ever seen anyone ACT so hard at being sexy (with the possible exception of Tori Spelling, but that's a case all on its own). Nonetheless, the woman was funny, the jokes are good, age has even perhaps given the film a certain cheesiness that doesn't harm it, and a young Cary Grant wears a uniform: I'm gonna keep it for a cold lonely winter's night rewatching ^^

Christopher C (us) wrote: The story is interesting at the beginning but turns into a simple chase movie. It is hard to follow the dialogue which is important because many important story arcs are revealed through dialogue. The acting is standard acting for this type of movie. Overall it's a good chase movie.

Cody H (ca) wrote: It depends heavily on 1980's nostalgia to set the mood but it even fails to deliver that simple concept in anything more than small, tasteless doses.

Jennifer H (mx) wrote: A great story. Emotional and touching. Great song too.

Graham M (kr) wrote: Packed with humour, fun moments and 80s cheese, but for a family film, it's surprisingly un-family friendly.