Gypsy 83

Gypsy 83

Two young misfits head for New York City to celebrate their idol and muse, Stevie Nicks, at The Night of 1,000 Stevies. Along the road, in order for them to escape their painful pasts, they must discover their strengths and learn self-acceptance.

Two young misfits head for New York City to celebrate their idol and muse, Stevie Nicks, at The Night of 1,000 Stevies. Along the road, in order for them to escape their painful pasts, they... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (mx) wrote: Spin-off is as good as the TV show. The idea of sending Twilight Sparkles to the human world was very well crafted. The animations and character design were exquisite, the plot was nice. The musical numbers were catchy. It paid a great deal of homage to the first episode of the series which was a nice surprise. Nearly all the major characters from the TV show were in the movie. However, I do complain that the high school setting was slightly far-fetched, but again, it's a movie for kids. MLP forever!

Miguel A (ca) wrote: "Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" beneficia bastante do facto da banda em causa ter um percurso rico em personalidades fortes e episdios mticos, alm de que a sua ligao cidade de Memphis (terra do Elvis e da Stax) faz com que o interesse do rockumentary esteja praticamente assegurado. Isto porque a abordagem de Drew DeNicola no particularmente original e a sua equipa de edio tambm podia ter dado umas quantas tesouradas a mais no documentrio. Mas, para todos os efeitos,"Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" trata de uma banda que, com trs fabulosos discos, merece o estatuto sagrado que lhes foi atribudo por dezenas bandas de rock alternativo (a maioria delas britnicas). Isso no coisa pouca. Agrada-me tambm que Alex Chilton e Chris Bell (os dois polos criativos de Big Star) sejam considerados equilibradamente em termos de admirao e importncia. O Chilton tem a transversalidade nos Big Star, mas o Bell tem o mais perfeito single que esta rvore deu ("I am the Cosmos" / "You and Your Sister").

Ford P (au) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've seen in years.

Amy Y (us) wrote: This is the worst documentary ever created. The interludes that are recreations make no sense and I'm more scared of the detective than the cannibal.

Joshua W (mx) wrote: I waited 6 years to watch this movie, mainly because of the not being able to find it anywhere, but now that I have I'm glad I did. House of D is a decent coming of age film, despite its shortcomings and mixed reviews. What gives the film magic is just how honest each character is portrayed, a certain sincerity to them that can't be denied. This is a heartfelt, character driven piece that shouldn't be overlooked, particularly for the ending.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: By far the most disappointing film I have ever seen.

Ultram D (ag) wrote: Highlights include lesbian sex Lowlights : punctuated with an annoying male character walking in . Harsh hatred .

Tatjana T (nl) wrote: really good, funny and kind of strange... =]

Stanley C (nl) wrote: Die Hard 3 may have shed off the generic and terribly boring plot of Die Hard 2 Die Harder, but it can't match the sheer genius of the original Die Hard with a script bombarded with the unappealing combination of pyromania and racist hate speech and puzzles.

John M (ag) wrote: Whew! I didn't see a lot of it. But, what I saw was very loud and very irritating!

Leon B (ca) wrote: Review:These 3 short movies by these top directors, wasn't as good as I thought they would be. Scorsese's short movie with Nick Nolte and Rosanna Arquette, was the best of the three but I still expected better from him. The story follows a painter who is totally in love with his ex-partner, who keeps on using him, and he only seems to paint when she is in his life. Nolte put in a good performance, but the storyline didn't seem to go anywhere. The next short from Coppola was terrible. It followed a young girl who had rich parents and seemed to live by herself most of the time because of there busy work commitments. Personally, I found the little girl annoying and this was another storyline that was weak and uninteresting. Woody Allen's short wasn't that much better. Its about a man who has an annoying mother who just won't stop interfering in his life. I didn't find this short that funny and the whole woman in the sky thing was ridiculous. In all, I was disappointed with these short movies which centred around New York, but out of all of the directors, Scorsese is the winner. Disappointing!Round-Up:Once these directors heard that they were going to be making a movie together, based on 3 different stories, I expected them to pull out there best work, but the end results were quite poor. Coppola hasn't done anything that amazing since the Untouchables and the Godfather and Woody Allen hasn't done anything in the same calibre as Scorsese. I think that the whole film was based on there love for New York, hence the title, but the individual films haven't really got that much to do with the city. I know that it's obvious that they were filmed in New York but thats about it. Anyway, Scorsese latest movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street was brilliant and his work on this project put the other 2 directors to shame. As this film came out in 1989, I think that it would be totally different if the directors teamed up again to make another movie like this.Budget: $15millionWorldwide Gross: $11millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there dramas about 3 different stories based in New York and directed by Coppola, Scorsese and Woody Allen. 4/10

Breen P (mx) wrote: Good Movie. Has a great story. William Campbell, my favorite actor, plays a wonderfully done naive kid. Great acting and good story. A Must See!

(au) wrote: I loved every second of this masterpiece it is trully an amazing movie.The plot was perfectly organized ( you must watch the directors cut version in order to fully understand the movie tho..) . All characters were perfectly made and played pefectly especially by Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Maloneand Drew Barrymore 10/10 A must see

Cheryl N (kr) wrote: [b][color=Red]I loved this movie, it was great!!! Bad ass boys with testosterone flying as fast as the bullets!!! Campy, raunchy and in true style for Quinten T. Glad Hopper had a nice role and Madden was awesome!! Reminds me of by gone days, sorta...[/color][/b]

Sue W (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed it, funny and touching, and the Welsh accents sound genuine mostly.

Dill M (mx) wrote: An action classic that kicked off the movie series that defined the "buddy cop" genre

Joris H (es) wrote: I love this film. The pacing is very relaxed, the performance of penn is spot on for someone who has trouble dealing with the speed/pace of the world around them. Very enjoyable to see a film that doesn't try to wrap up every single part of the plot

Priya K (au) wrote: I very much enjoyed it.

Toad K (fr) wrote: I thought it was a good action pack movie. Good story line