Gypsy Eyes

Gypsy Eyes

A security officer tracks down the Gypsy girl who can identify an American diplomat's killer.

After witnessing the murder of an American diplomat, a beautiful gypsy woman, Katrina, becomes the assassins' next target. Harry Noble, senior security officer, wants to personally conduct ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy D (nl) wrote: I watched this again after the Ky Derby. This movie is incredibly good and has so many levels of inspiration. I rank this as one of the best "sports" movies a person could watch.

Barry M (it) wrote: If nothing else Seagal movies used to be watchable for his impressive martial arts skills. However, as he is now grossly overweight and can seemingly only move his arms there is nothing left to entertain.

Guri d (gb) wrote: Buena pelicula. Aborda con mucho respeto el tema de la homosexualidad.

Michelle (gb) wrote: I don't know what it was, but I'd not known anything about how the story goes until I finally watched [b]Nowhere In Africa[/b]. But after the first two minutes I already knew this movie would be about the Nazis and Jews, although they hadn't even mentioned it yet. I mean, thinking of Africa you'd probably not think about World War Two right away. I do not know why I got the idea at all, but when they finally mentioned the Nazis and Jews after about three minutes I had to laugh, because I was right again, although I think you shouldn't have known it after the first two minutes not knowing anything about the movie. It's just weird. I think I'm currently having a weird time again - I sense stuff I shouldn't know. And mostly it happens when I'm under pressure in a way, but I do not really feel all THAT bad currently. Just weird. Well, yes, the movie was well-done. It's really a good movie, and it's a view on WW2 from a different perspective once. But it was so long, it almost hurt. At some point I had to go to my bathroom and plug my eyebrows in front of the mirror not to end up with my chin dropping on my table in boredom only sitting there watching the movie. I really couldn't help it, it was just too long and too much talk about blah. You could have shortened that script a lot. And thing also is - yes, it took place during WW2, and you knew it because of what they talked about, but it just didn't feel like it, because they were so far away from all the people that were killed in Germany and they were not really in danger, and all the woman cared about was - [i]what guy does she want to stay with, her husband or some other guy?[/i] It was just so... I just didn't emotionally manage to join them going through bad times. But it's an artsy movie, and the pictures were nice to look at, and the acting was good after all. I can't give it a bad rating, this movie simply is good, but too long, way too long.

John N (es) wrote: Even though it's not nearly as good as its predecessor, I appreciated the slight change in O'Quinn's character. Other than that, the movie's a wash.

Skylar K (nl) wrote: This film is a great example on how to make a book into a great movie. With a mature theme,beautiful watercolor like animation,the only minor flaw being some character development. This is a great film for teen's and adults.

Philip O (ca) wrote: It's a pretty good story, but it ends up being uninteresting and a little detached from audiences.

Michael W (fr) wrote: It's 80 minutes of non-stop zaniness! The forth wall broken beyond repair! Complete insanity! A must see!(Also it includes possibly the best dance scene of all time)