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Hashima Island was once the most densely populated island but has been a ghost island since 1974. A group of teenagers will now step foot on this island to capture paranormal encounters on ...

Hashima Island was once the most densely populated island but has been a ghost island since 1974. A group of teenagers will now step foot on this island to capture paranormal encounters on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dann M (ca) wrote: The pseudo vampire film The Moth Diaries is a weak and monotonous attempt at a psychological thriller. There are some interesting themes and an intriguing set up, but there's no follow through. In a standard Dracula story arc, a young boarding school student named Rebecca begins to suspect that a new student named Ernessa isn't what she seems and is attempting to seduce and kill her friend Lucy. The casting is pretty good, and features Sarah Bolger, Lily Cole, Valerie Tian, and Scott Speedman. But the writing is especially poor, bringing up questions and mysteries that are never answered. While The Moth Diaries does a fairly decent job at building suspense and tension, there's no payoff to any of it.

Issac L (es) wrote: Another Febiofest screening, Polish director Lech Majewski gave a brief introduction of the film before the screening and stressed on how strenuously the film had been produced, after a four-year span (mostly for post-production and animation) and ultimately mentioned that the pictorial sky in the film was specifically shot in New Zealand. (Thus we should sense some preciousness or reverence?) The film reconstructs Flemish maestro Pieter Bruegel's masterpiece "TTHE PROCESSION TO CALVARY" in a fictional plot of the tribulation of Christian religion, maybe I was the wrong audience there, besides an initiative appreciation of all the tableaux's verisimilitude, the film utterly eludes me. The re-enact of Jesus Christ's affliction is no more dauntless than Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004), utilizing a medium of film technology to reproduce a painting is not an enlightened idea, though film industry welcomes all clutches of experimentation, but does it worth all the investment to produce such a hollow replica apart from an overt religious purpose? Also the taciturn words also scotch the aid from a venerable cast, whose theatrical delivery is being mainly delimited. From a technical angle, the gauche SFX is a far cry from top notch, some CGI blemishes could be well-conceived by any spectator, one embarrassing moment arrives when all actors are frozen into a stop-motion pause, all the horses could not stay put as their human counterparts, their carefree optimism may betray that great paintings are earnestly not in need of any reinterpretation and an overstatedly pedagogic preaching cannot service the aim of converting a person's religious belief, while the film clearly cannot differ idiosyncrasy from ridicule and its excess of self-esteem only stands for a superfluous waste of energy, time and funds.

Dan C (ru) wrote: Most people won't like this movie, as evident by the rating of those who watched it, but it's a nice little indie movie. So, if you like indies, you'll likely find this decent.

Alexander T (it) wrote: An interesting documentary about inventor Jacque Fresco who has some very creative--but also some really outlandish--ideas.

Junaid A (au) wrote: We watched it again while going on long trip in 3rd year on the way

Lafe F (ru) wrote: A fun but already-dated gay dating comedy with a touch of AIDS sadness. Patrick Stewart adds to the silliness. It ranks up there with Torch Song Trilogy.

Nick M (ag) wrote: A great 80's film, good humor and jokes, even if you wince at a few of them

Muffin M (nl) wrote: When Quatermain's (Richard Chamberlain) brother goes missing deep in the jungles of Africa he postpones his wedding to Jesse Huston (Sharon Stone) and sets off on a trek to find him. Joined by a towering warrior (James Earl Jones) and a greedy mystic (Robert Donner), Quatermain leads he way through the perilous jungle until he finally makes it to the Lost City of Gold... where the road to his brother's salvation is paved with the greatest dangers yet!also stars Cassandra Peterson, Nic Lesley, Rory Kilalea, Aileen Mason, Doghmi Larbi and Alex Hymes.directed by Gary Nelson.

Isabella M (fr) wrote: Me gust.. Bastante rosa e idealista pero muy bonita pelcula :')

Carlos H (ca) wrote: Not Kubrick's Best but Cruise and Kidman had quimistry and it has I little of mistery