Directed mainly for kids, the film speaks of a Havana that reveals two distinct faces, from the everyday life of a couple of kids.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cuba,  

Directed mainly for kids, the film speaks of a Havana that "reveals two distinct faces, from the everyday life of a couple of kids", according to the film's official synopsis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolette H (ag) wrote: "We murdered people & were never punished." Ok I was looking to watch the Oscar nominated Documentary, The Look of Silence but then I remembered that was a companion piece to The Act of Killing which is by the same filmmaker. Also nominated for an Oscar back in 2014. I will say this is of course a really good documentary, done very well. I just couldn't handle it. I found it very upsetting & at times very hard to watch. Yes I like learning about things that go on in the world. But listening to a group of Indonesian death squad leaders talk about how they killed people with no remorse & reenact their killings was very emotionally draining. I just feel sad & sick. It's also why it is so good. Because it's raw & real, how a documentary is supposed to be. I'll never watch it again but I think if you can handle this type of story you should definitely check it out! In awe of the filmmakers behind this :)

Mark S (gb) wrote: "When the Game Stands Tall" is a high school football movie with an overtly-Christian bent, more in the family-friendly vein of Remember the Titans and less like Varsity Blues. Unlike a lot of other Christian movies, this one generally avoids the hokeyness one normally associates with the genre, besides a silly subplot involving a father who's obsessed with his son's pursuit of a state record. Jim Caviezel brings his usual mix of stoicism and intensity in his portrayal of coach Bob LaDoceur, but the young actors who portray his players are good as well.

Tom D (fr) wrote: This documentary is interesting at times. It would have been nice to spend more time with each of the former adult stars. Overall I would give this one a light recommendation.

Jake R (au) wrote: Completely charming. I can see the satirical aspect being problematic if one tries to draw too many specific parallels, but I have a feeling it wasn't meant to be taken that seriously.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: A worrisome issue made all the more devastating by the documentary's focus on Israeli and Palestinian children.

Kristin R (jp) wrote: Dark, gritty and grim. A movie that uses none of te standard Hollywood nonsense and makes no apologies for that. The only let down is the american accents when it should really be a foreign language film.

Hatem Z (it) wrote: An intriguing story about two men who stick together in a life of crime, although one part disturbed me deeply, I loved it

Irvin C (it) wrote: This is widely regarded as "minor", at best, Woody Allen and me not being a Woody Allen completist, this wasn't in my top list of priorities of films to be seen. But a friend of mine is a huge fan and highly recommended it to me. And he was right. This is delightful and funny parody/tribute to German expressionist films, specifically Fritz Lang and G.W. Pabst. It is gorgeously photographed and the mostly modern sounding dialogue at the backdrop of a period piece actually works quite well. I will agree that this is one of Woody's more underrated pieces.

Daphnie H (kr) wrote: any aunt movie, i'm in!

Jim T (fr) wrote: Yet another spagetti western. Burt was aging in this film but gave a great performance.I got the DVD online. I think its that good

Eric B (fr) wrote: This film does not live up to its sensational title, but Carl Theodor Dreyer ("The Passion of Joan of Arc") crafts an interesting look at Satanic temptation. Separated into four parts a la D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance," the film spans stories from Christ's time, the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution and Dreyer's own era. Satan (Helge Nissen, in his only screen role) is portrayed as a weary pawn of God who's ambivalent about his evil work but forced to carry on in hopes of shortening his banishment. In each tale, Satan adopts human form and conspires to tempt a virtuous person into betraying his or her peers. The fourth segment (set in Russia-occupied Finland) lacks universality and the sins of Judas have been depicted better countless times, but the middle sections fare better. In the second part, a priest weighs loyalties to the Church and his forbidden romantic love, while the third finds the fates of Marie Antoinette and a (fictional?) countess and daughter resting on the moral quandary of a well-meaning servant.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Excellent depiction of society versus progress and the problems of macro against the micro. The script is full of local dialogue, which although is hard to follow certainly helps add to the flavour of small town Tennessee.

Eric H (fr) wrote: I am not usually charmed by Classic Hollywood rom-coms, but this one has enough fun elements, pleasing sets, costumes and characters to keep me returning as a nice guilty pleasure for a rainy afternoon. Sexist and with some definite pointless plot motivations, still the charm of the clueless Hudson and the determined but gullible Day make it through. Also, there's enough of a fun feel of NY City and fashion in the Sixties that there's plenty of eye-candy for a fan of retro-design like myself. The addition of Tony Randall and his quips are quite funny too. Like I said, I find many of the other Hollywood 'romances' of this era get tedious and have dreary scripts where long scenes are acted out in one room (more like a radio play). This is a cinematic step above that.