Habitaciones vacías

Habitaciones vacías


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Tim E (gb) wrote: It can get to be a bit long for those not on fire for music (yours truly). It's nevertheless a remarkable documentary about family, legacy, and tapping into your creativity.

Leon B (jp) wrote: Review:They should rename this movie to One Man & His Dog! Anyway, for some unknown reason, I actually enjoyed this crazy movie. The mad situations that the duo find themselves in, really made me laugh and they were shockingly, witty and quirky. The 2 actors that play the leads were a great choice by the director because they are total opposites. One man is completely focused on catching the guy who killed his dog, while the other guy is rational and just out to help cousin. The music throughout the movie, set the tempo well and it's obvious that other people liked the script, judging by the amount of stars that are in it. Anyway, it's a great roller coaster ride that ends abruptly, but will make you laugh. Enjoyable!Round-Up:It's not very often that I say this about movies, but this film could have done with an extra half an hour. The storyline was well put together by the director, but there was some gaps that needed to be filled. I was hoping for a big showdown at the end, but the director chose to leave it up to the audience to come up with there own assumption. I haven't seen the guy that plays the lead before, so I can't really comment on his previous performances, but in this movie you do believe that he would die for his dog. Anyway, on the whole, it's worth a watch just for its originality and funny scenes.I recommend this movie to people who are into there comedy thrillers about a man whose out to revenge the mysterious death of his dog. 7/10

Buddy A (ca) wrote: Zero stars. Wow; really bad. One of the worst movies ever made.

Paul A (it) wrote: awesome ending, and i loved the way the story went all throughout... however she had alot of chances to run and get far away, and it was kinda annoying to just see her stand there as if waiting for them to come get her.

Leighton S (kr) wrote: This one wasn't that great.

Samuel B (kr) wrote: Another excellent Susanne Bier movie, and also starring Mads Mikkelsen. A young couple have their lives dashed in a car accident that leaves the young man paralyzed from the neck down. A complicated love affair occurs as a result and a family is shorn apart. Quite a good and believable story, don't watch if your looking for something light-hearted.

Ben d (es) wrote: Sally Field is everything

Tara H (mx) wrote: Starts off as a fairly run-of-the-mill thriller, but director fritz Lang lives up to his reputation with a great twist at the end. Dana Andrews plays the flawed hero, Joan Fontaine his girl, and Barbara Nichols the showgirl who comes between them.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Feature one the greatest Star Wars references ever.

Hannah K (ag) wrote: I love Reese Witherspoon. My favorite movie of hers.

Gary W (mx) wrote: Impoverished Chinese mining community where chit chat expressiveness is kept to a minimum & women seem to have more luck getting out versus the men who seem trapped to work down the hole. The pace is slow but the foreign life at the bottom of steep mountains fascinates. The universality of people feeling trapped in unsatisfying work & what that does to personal relationships makes this a tale with striking similarity to what we all go through. When the youngest member of the 3 member family fantasizes about studying voice in order to possibly be a pop singer, I couldn't help but feel that the AMerican Idol concept is indeed a worldwide myth/dream.