In order to combat the damage caused by the depletion of the ozone layer, maverick biologist Hank Symes unleashes his most ambitious experiment to date: accelerated evolution. Unfortunately, this not only causes the authorities to take notice, but also creates a backlash from his new neighbors--leaving his son caught in the middle.

In a future world where Earth's ozone layer has been completely destroyed, a brilliant but obsessed scientist, Hank Symes uses illegally obtained biological materials for an experiment that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carolyn G (nl) wrote: Nothing outstanding but not a huge, steaming turd. Not sure how Brad Pitt wound up in this but he plays a complete dork. Harley Jane Kozak is cute and Ken Wahl's mullet is pretty sweet but those are the highlights.

Ash k (kr) wrote: I thought it was cute

Emily B (it) wrote: What would one expect when it comes from Anurag Kashyaps pen adn also co-written by Kalki Koechlin, a story which stands out from the contemporaries(Anurag's style). Kalki's bold fearless eyes takes the story from a weak screenplay to a brilliant story telling.

Francisco U (es) wrote: Awesome and stunning!

Lauren S (br) wrote: I thought this movie was very poorly made and all the characters had a problem so it was soo predictable s overall this was a cute movie but poorly made

Guido S (ca) wrote: A group is doing an expedition down deep in a cave when a storm hits and traps them so they need to find a way to escape. Could have been an interesting movie, but the characters were just really unlikable. To make matters worse, these 'researchers/scientists' make dumb decision after dumb decision which feels like they deserve everything they get and more. Just a slog to get through. Though there were some nice visual shots, a lot of the sets looked like Styrofoam and some of the effects were pretty bad.

Leil Zahra M (gb) wrote: I rented out the DVD thanks to its cover. Bought it the next day! A torturing film, a haunting voice, leaves you digging your nails in your knees and squeezing your heart with your hands. Tears will roll from frustration but also from its caressing tenderness . Poetic, sensitive, perversive and twisted outraged look at todays world. A micro-look at todays "modern" society. Watching it is like riding the train of thoughts of someone who cant keep his/her mind quiet! Artsy? yes, Worth it? YES! Breaking genres and rules? OH YES! Loved the way the narration moves, the imagery it creates, the hundreds of themes linked in one flowing mesmerizing voice.... left me out of breath and patience, yet with a smile that Moodysson dared do what he did in this movie. My favorite Moodysson film so far.Not to be watched on any day, yet a must-see!

Jason D (mx) wrote: my curiosity was killing me when it came to the biggest box office bomb of all time in terms of number of people who saw it. when released, this film averaged less than two viewers per screening and was ditched from theaters after a week, making 8,000 dollars total. several people went bankrupt because of this film, which shelved its marketing costs when it ran out of money. i think with your typical animated push it would probably have made 30-40 million overall but still would have been a loss. now to the actual product. is it really that bad? no, it is not. the critics trashed the quality of animation but i had no problem with that. the film also talks about such things as imperialism and racial politics, albeit in very broad strokes fit for youngsters. it is also pretty fast-paced, so i disagree with the critical complaint that it was boring. i found some characters extremely imaginative and entertaining. but two things hurt the movie, aside from the common "unoriginal" complaint (the film is very archetypal and eerily similar to avatar in a few ways). one is the constant wisecracking especially during action sequences. think the amount of wisecracking in the mummy sequels. now triple it. and have chris kattan, freddie prinze junior and anne bancroft doing it instead of brendan frazier and rachel weisz, and having it be incredibly clean cut. not that appealing. the second thing is the lack of a satisfying climax in the final battle, which is moreso referenced than depicted. the final showdown of hero vs. villian is anti-climactic and delayed by several jokes. and then the ending is package wrapped very distastefully as if the producers had run out of money (which i am pretty sure is exactly the case). this film suffers the unfortunate fate of dropping off a cliff in terms of quality during the final ten minutes. before the end, i was thinking 2.5, maybe even three. but the ending really brings it down. in summary, delgo is not the most horrible movie ever although stephen colbert may designate it so by market performance. however, it is a less than average animated family adventure that is moreso the standard fare for an eight year old to pass a weekend at grandma's on tv than something the family should pay money to see at the movies (or rent).

Manolo P (au) wrote: An absolutely beautiful film through which Disney offers us one of the most valuable and powerful works that will never be forgotten. It is an incomparable legacy that anyone of any age, context and even age continues to amaze with its supreme music, beautiful images and deep messages that over time can be revived and understood with different meanings. I could not divert my attention and great astonishment as I enjoy it once more after so much time.

Chris B (ru) wrote: Daniel Craig turns Bond into an actual human. This movie is great. They have decided to get rid of the silliness that Bond is know for and are now taking the Bond movies more serious. This is a great first installment from the Daniel Craig Bond films.

gary t (ru) wrote: wow umnn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that glenn ford, ernest borgnine, diane brewster play good roles/parts throughout this movie....i think that the director of this drama/war/action/adventure movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie its a brilliant war movie n its a good story throughout this movie n its enjoyable

Justin M (de) wrote: Well, it's a very weak academy award nominee, but it's not too bad. It's long, boring, and badly plotted with some poor characterization-- a lot of Anthony's character development is assumed to have occurred, rather than have ogranically grown. But it has solid acting and a grand feel that makes it clear why it was nominated. Not a must see, but not a waste of time (even it it is about 30 mins too long, as most of the first half hour could have been cut).

Kevin F (br) wrote: A very well acted Matthew Broderick film

Faley A (ag) wrote: these 80's ' eromantic' movies were really really good !! Enjoyable preety much..

Taylor S (gb) wrote: Try and find me another movie that has two female leads that are this strong. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman both play their roles so well. It's such a great movie about the bond between sisters. The story line is clear, but not extremely predictable. Bullock plays the sensible sister who tries to play by the rules while Nicole Kidman plays the wild card sister who more or less wants to stay untamed. They are complete opposites, but have such a love for each other. It has such a great ending too. My sister and I pop this movie in ever once and awhile, it's our favorite movie to watch together.