Seven college students are picked to travel to a private island owned by the reclusive Vincent King and his film-obsessed wife Mary Shelley to study island wildlife. But is isn't long when a mysterious killer begins killing the students one-by-one, and modeling them after gory murder scenes from numerous horror films.

A group of teenage college students are randomly selected to go on a wildlife field trip in a private island for boosting their grade point average. But they don’t know that the murderer with a chainsaw is waiting for them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Me M (gb) wrote: Fantastic film with exceptional acting, directing, editing and cinematography! Jeff Bridges at his best.

Alex M (ru) wrote: This movie did not have me entertained at all and was not very enjoyable. On top of that, it was not very funny, and was quite childish. I did not like any of the characters that much, and some of them just annoyed the heck out of me. I was just waiting for it to be over the whole time. One thing that I thought was amusing was the connections to our pets in real life (e.g. Fear of the vaccuum, love of peanut butter, their general behavior) Not utterly terrible but very forgettable.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: This is what happens when you drag an Angel to Hell... She becomes a Demon--Gruesomely lovely!!

Eliabeth H (mx) wrote: The guy who plays fred is so dam hot in this movie

Matty S (es) wrote: This odd little film is almost worth seeing for the cinematography work of artist, Florian Hoffmeister. The visual quality of this film is well above par and filled with a sensuous and gothica style of camera work -- as well as set design. And, certainly the four principal actors are up to the job. Elizabeth Olsen continues to prove she is one of the top 10 most important actors working under 30. Sadly, this re-dux of Zola's "Therese Racquin" never fully gels into a film of merit it should be. It is hard to determine if Stratton intended his film to be a dark comedy or if the uncomfortable laughs are unintended. Either way, I could not help but feel that the gothic level of morbidity, perversity and guilt were comical in an altogether unflattering way. In the end, we should care a bit more about these characters. But, you have to give a nod for the effort.

Blind P (ru) wrote: What was shaping up as an entertaining gangster picture completely lost focus in the second act with some silly sequences which did add to characterization but not with the effect of making one care about them. As such, the tone is muddled and the whole downgraded.

MariePier D (ru) wrote: That was bad... but really bad. Maybe because I'm crazy about Buffy the tv show and this thing is nothing compared to it. C'tait vraiment un mauvais film. Peut-tre parce que j'adore la srie Buffy contre les vampires et que ce film fait piti en comparaison.

Jared R (fr) wrote: Is it the best Clint movie? No, but is a lot of fun and an entertaining diversion.

Kathy B (gb) wrote: beautiful film, A place I never want to see except through this medium.

Bradley W (us) wrote: Casper is a fun movie that manages to appeal to kids. I really enjoyed it.

Steve C (nl) wrote: There are a lot of movies like this for me. I mean things I saw many years ago and have very little memory of other than that I liked them or not. Now, franky looking around on YouTube for something free to watch, a lot of this stuff shows up, probably because they are almost abandoned, or at least neglected by their corporate copyright owners who probably bought them in bulk in a package deal with films that continue to have some resale value.I also have a younger friend that I watch some of this stuff with. I turn it on with a clear disclaimer, "Well, I thought this was good 40 years ago, but that doesn't mean that it is." Sometimes I fear embarrassment that I am associating myself with an unworthy product. And this is important since I am little other than the products I identify with. That is modern life for some of us. Fortunately sometimes these products remain good and my shaky identity is for another moment secure.David and Lisa is actually better than I remember it being. It is an excellent little move. The set up is a young man, played by Keir Dullea, is being admitted to a new boarding school for young people with psychiatric problems. He is very smart, but stunted in that he can't be physically touched. If he is he recoils in angry fear, has a panic attack and says "A touch can KILL!" A touch can Kill!" The head shrink in this clearly progressive institution, Howard Da Silva in his first movie role after a decade of horrible Red Scare blacklisting, tries to get through to the young man. But David is smarter than everyone, on to the shrink game from long experience, and not cooperating. Then he meets Lisa, played by Janet Margolin, another young student clearly more troubled than he is with her split personality.This is a story of the healing power of human empathy.This is the heroic side of shrink cinema. It shows a way to help people. This is the opposite of the psychiatric horror stories that predominate cinema history, the Shock Corridors, Snake Pits, Caged, Titicut Follies, etc. Those are all exposs of poorly funded public institutions. They also provide a setting for lurid melodrama, always an easy cinema seat filler.David and Lisa is set in a place where enough money is spent on care for the ones privileged enough to afford it. David has wealthy parents. It's a different world. It's a shame that such places were not more universally available to those in need.But we have other priorities when it comes to money and many people remain simply written off, even just dumped on the street now, the fend for themselves as best they can.The survival of the fittest.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Another good entry to the series, I was expecting a little more, As we all knew its only purpose is to set up the grand finale, A little confusing sometimes and can drag at times but the ending was great and pretty shocking, It's still a must see film.