Hai shi chu shi

Hai shi chu shi

A cop suffering from "posterior ulcers" tries to catch a serial killer who seeks out victims with medical problems. One suspect is a man who makes pies from guts, which the cop ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Hai shi chu shi 1983 full movies, Hai shi chu shi torrents movie

A cop suffering from "posterior ulcers" tries to catch a serial killer who seeks out victims with medical problems. One suspect is a man who makes pies from guts, which the cop ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony K (mx) wrote: Incredibly disturbing


nipp s (ru) wrote: Ok so I like anything that pokes fun at religion... This movie pokes a little fun at a lot of bible stories mashed together into a loose pile of story. What makes this movie funny is the great actors doing ad-lib throughout. One question about God right quick. If in the beginning there was nothing and God said "Let there be light" and there was, then.... What was there to look at?

Antti Q (br) wrote: Three intertwined stories of three different artists on some kind of a soul search thingie, but unfortunately not even Fanning Jr can save this movie.

Tony L (us) wrote: Stop - Loss unapologetically tackles the system while providing humor, drama and outstanding acting. You will be thinking about the message contained within as you wash the popcorn bowl.

Mat K (ca) wrote: Makes way more sense, and works much better than the feature length. The animation and the design, although not as slick, is still very strong. The fact that it is entierly done without words makes it accessable to everyone.

Rubi I (mx) wrote: It's full of luv. And I really luv Ashmol this brother so much. You will totally appreciate what he had done for his little sister.

Nicola W (de) wrote: A really good story of different lives coming together. A bit sad for a Xmas but a happy sad :)

Jeff Y (au) wrote: One of the weirdest movies ever, but awfully good. Plus Miranda Otto! The cover is totally based on Otto's popularity from LotR, she doesn't look anything like this at any point in the movie.

Matthew C (ru) wrote: Daniel Day-Lewis, in one of his many terrific performances, brings this fascinating, harrowing true story of false imprisonment to life as only he can. His grit, tenacity, and irreverence as a man wrongfully accused are palpable. Pete Postlethwaite, playing Lewis' father, is also excellent and masterfully embodies the more passive side of this family duo. Both learn from each other through their often differing approaches to fighting their conviction at the hands of the British government. Truly a powerful acting pair to witness.

Steven S (gb) wrote: Great 80's fun. Do not take the movie to serious and grab a bag of some old fashioned fun.

Roman P (br) wrote: Something hypnotic. Pure passion in the world where birds are great priesthood (and anti-globalists doesn't exist).

Vineet A (ca) wrote: Plot:V.Good(4/5),S-Fx:No,Emotional pull:No

Walter M (ru) wrote: "The Escape Artist" starts promisingly enough with teenager Danny Masters(Griffin O'Neal)walking into a newspaper office, claiming that he can break out of a jail in an hour. This makes sense considering that his father was a master escape artist which runs in the family as Danny runs away from his grandmother towards his Aunt Sibyl(Joan Hackett) and Uncle Burke(Gabriel Dell) who have their own stage magic act that is complicated by Sibyl's psychic abilities. All of which are the ingredients for an offbeat and winning movie but alas that's not the case here as "The Escape Artist" is undermined by pedestrian direction and Danny's convoluted involvement with municipal corruption that he first encounters when he steals a wallet from Stu Quinones(a miscast Raul Julia), the son of the mayor(Desiderio Arnaz). While one could conceivably make a case for Danny and Stu joining forces, it is a tenuous connection at best.

Anna B (ca) wrote: I do find this movie rather bizarre. Far from being a quirky children's film, it actually deals with loss, rejection and prejudice. The prejudice comes both in the form of townspeople fearful of change and science, and the stereotypically evil gypsies that seemingly come from no where in the last act. I really like the romance between the doctor and the witch, especially since it was mostly shown through changes in her wardrobe and his acceptance of her scarf. I also liked the scene where Thomasina is hallucinating, but I'm sure there is another cut where she has further hallucinations. I would have also liked a reconciliation scene between the doctor and his daughter, because as it stands the ending feels rushed.

Taba H (ag) wrote: Korni heist-jannari poliisista, jolla on diabetes ja joka soittaa selloa, seka naisesta, joka femme fatalen elkein paneskelee tiensa huipulle ja soittaa pianoa, Jovovich vakuuttaa ulkonaollaan edella mainitunlaisena hahmona, muttei vuorovaikutuksellaan, kunkin aijan kanssa, Jackson ei tee oikein mitaan ihmeellista, halpista...

kevin c (us) wrote: This movie was fucking halirious chris rock is fucking funny had me dying.

Peter P (ca) wrote: A beautiful trip down Americana- nice to know that it still exists. Loved the sub-plots and quirky characters- life is filled more with them then the "great, classical" movies care to acknowledge. Finally, something for the rest of us!

Lisbeth M (us) wrote: A beautiful movie. Beautiful scenery juxtaposed with the horror of war. Yet nothing will kill the human spirit for kindness and humanity. One of my favorite movie of the year.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: Excelentes nmeros musicales y una adorable Liza Minelli.