After issued Chetniks and destruction to make an agreement between the Partisans and the Chetniks, a partisan unit angry about betrayal, deception is being broken. A one broken group of ...

The leftover disbanded partisan battalion draws chetniks' attention, who pushes their plans of attacking the partisan headquarters aside and begins hunting them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hajka torrent reviews

Virgil H (es) wrote: Great story. A million dollar reality TV show looking for a baseball star from the masses in cricket-crazy India. I'd definitely watch that instead of all these low-quality "reality" shows flooding TV with all their scripted melodrama and conflicts.

Wrik S (fr) wrote: A comic display of the relationship between George Bush & Osama

Archana V (gb) wrote: Better than what I was expecting.

Steven S (de) wrote: If you're interested in design and to oogle at pretty things, this is a great film to check out.

Amanda S (gb) wrote: Mengaharukan.Gimana seorang ayah mencintai anaknya, walaupun cara dya untuk mengekspresikan cintanya itu sangat amat nyebelin & ganggu.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: Pretty stupid movie that suffers from almost every horror movie cliche in the book. "The Nightmare Man" is an interesting concept... until they screw it all up near the end. It's relatively entertaining, but it's your basic low-budget horror movie. And I really hope they weren't seriously trying to be frightening near the end, with the "demon" because it was just utterly laughable. The acting's not too bad though and Tiffany Shepis is great at what she does, as always, screaming, shooting at things and running around half-naked, and I can't complain.

Mrs J (kr) wrote: It looks like a movie for retards

CJ C (mx) wrote: Sexy & sad with a predictable ending. I also couldn't bring myself to care about the main characters. Cheaters deserve what they get.

Hein U (us) wrote: All JC-movies rated here.

peter h (ca) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT [1974]: A once forgotten film made and lumped on to the Drive- In movie circuit in the mid 1970's. After its initial Drive-In run the film quickly disappeared in to near obscurity until it rescue on late night T.V movie shows, such as ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE in the mid 1980's. Thanks to that the yuletide horror film SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT started gain a cult following which was enhanced by its Home Media Realise. Produced by none other than Troma Studios Co-founder Lloyd Kaufman; SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT is now viewed by some as a precursor to the Slasher Movie sub-genre. PLOT: Opening on Christmas Eve 1950 in a local great house in a small US town, a man was burned to death in the house. As a result the estate is passed to his grandson, fast-forward to the 1970s' where the estate is up for sale much to delight of the town's residents. However when killings start to happen on the property around the festive season, the buried past is soon resurfaces. THOUGHTS: As I previously mentioned some view this film as a precursor to the slasher movie genre along with another 1974 Yuletide Horror classic BLACK CHRISTMAS. And to some extent yes that is correct, the POV shots, the killer is seldom seen, and of course a body count; SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT is a slasher film through and through. However a bizarre mute performance by John Carradine communicating by a bell makes this film all the more memorable. 70%

Morgan W (nl) wrote: a little slow at times but still pretty good film with bela lugosi.

gabriel t (de) wrote: One of the best animations (movie), based in a game, the history,characters,and the animation

Bill S (ca) wrote: Very under-rated swash-buckler romance, based on the play "The Lovers". Very hard to find DVD, found mine in Brazil on E-Bay