Hakkinbon bijin ranbu yori: semeru!

Hakkinbon bijin ranbu yori: semeru!


A somewhat liberal adaptation of the life of painter Shuu Ito (Hatsuo Yamaya), the film focuses on his sexual torture of two wives and a prostitute (Junko Miyashita). Ito chronicles the sessions in journals, shares his pseudo-Sadean philosophy, and drives women mad with equal hell-bent intensity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hakkinbon bijin ranbu yori: semeru! torrent reviews

Danny S (it) wrote: I'm impressed. For a B-movie, this really isn't bad at all. I didn't care for the characters at all, (I rarely do with B-movies) and the plot didn't make much sense, but with a little imagination you'll probably find that this is one of the better B-movies out there.

Scott C (ca) wrote: Reagan ruined this economy and exploited the poor and now the nazi/republicans blame those trying to save this country AND make sure successful economic policies are not implemented. It is time to hang the nazi/republicans for treason and movies like this must be laughed out of the VCR. It is just plain scary that the moron republicans that are in this movie and our culture, prosper. Stop The Insanity!

Joshua F (de) wrote: A fun production to be apart of...

Angie T (nl) wrote: I liked the movie...but it was so slowwwwwwwww~

Julia G (br) wrote: Great movie. Cool to see soldiers were very humane. very good actors!

Tobias L (de) wrote: This is the best sleeping pill ive had in years. Normally movies like this are so bad that they are good, but this one sucked so much ass that it should be classified as gay porn.

Armando P (mx) wrote: Mystique, exciting and real.

Andrea G (ag) wrote: Would have been much better if there were no human characters in it.

Hannah B (kr) wrote: Ooooh, two of my favorite actors: Mary Stuart Masterson and Kevin Bacon. Great movie. Kinda like What's Eating Gilbert Grape....

visitorQ S (it) wrote: Dust devil ist an unique and bizarre movie. Underrated. 3,5/5

Stuart K (br) wrote: Written and directed by Tom Mankiewicz, who wrote 3 of the James Bond films of the early 1970's, as well as doing the first two Superman films, and the 1987 take on Dragnet, comes this warm, low-key but amusing romantic comedy, which feels in a way, a bit like Pleasantville. It's got some good moments, but it does wear a little thin by the end, and a tad confusing too. It has Jack Gable (John Candy), a writer/producer on an American soap opera called All My Dreams, but his peers at work would rather do it their way than Jack's way. When Jack is involved in a car accident, he finds himself in his own soap opera, in the town which it's set with all the characters in it too. Best of all, Jack discovers he can control how the characters interact, as he has a typewriter with him, and whatever he types, they do. And he tries to win the heart of character Janet Dubois (Mariel Hemingway). But, it would appear forces in "the real world" are trying to write it their way, and a sort-of war of words begins. It's a good little concept, and it does have it's laughs. Candy was a welcome addition to any film, and he's still sorely missed to this day. It's paradoxes though do bog the film down, but it does fly by. Oh, and this was the last film of the great Raymond Burr.

Richard D (jp) wrote: Yeti or no yeti ... this is a pretty dull movie.

Luca D (kr) wrote: Usare la macchietta del giovane spensierato che distrugge la famiglia, che spende i soldi del padre e che non avr mai un futuro e' come fare un film su come si stava meglio una volta e di come le mezze stagioni siano finite. La parte finale, con la redenzione del protagonista non puo' far cambiare un mio giudizio negativo.

Alex K (ru) wrote: This Is Set In Berlin, Germany.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: Who knew that such a good movie could be crafted from a theme park ride? Almost gives me hope for video game movies.A