Halálos tavasz

Halálos tavasz

Mail for translation. A Halalos tavasz egy szerelmi haromszog dramajat vetiti elenk a ket no kozott orlodo ferfi oszinten abrazolt tetovasagaval. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Halálos tavasz torrent reviews

mark v (kr) wrote: Standard military action movie. Believable characters. Well done but sadly nothing new.

S E (br) wrote: Much like most animated films that were made in Germany, Italy, or any country in most of Europe, this isn't exactly a great or good movie. But to be fair, it's probably the most entertaining and most enjoyable of the ones from the film festivals. A somewhat decent flick. Nothing more, nothing less.

ishtiaq o (ru) wrote: couldn't give negative rating. moshar kamor was more scarier.

Tom B (es) wrote: This real, handy-cam styled mostly mild yet creepy horror is actually very good, if not a bit sick at the end. The story is based on true life - whereby strippers are booked for parties and then kidnapped. The women are then held in a mental assylum, with strict punishments (lashings) and rules - to attempt to 'cleanse' them. The set-up is military like and most women will be scared by this. It is undebatably harrowing. It has a modern style, in the way it is shot and it's content, and is comfortably a better than average horror thriller. The film is made to be real and lifelinke, whereby a victim has a video camera and films the ongoings, mailing this to the FBI upon release. The story is apparantly true, happening in Lichtenstein. Warning - genital mutiliations!

Luke P (gb) wrote: Great film, watched for the second time recently

Ekkehard L (gb) wrote: Even for a B movie this is a bad one! I was expecting something like 'Virus' and 'Aliens' combined. But it quickly turned into a direction you wouldn't expect... or care of for that matter. Anyhow... a Nazi ghost? Seriously?

David U (ag) wrote: [font=Tahoma]Full review to come.[/font]

Vagelakis (fr) wrote: Hah ... Exactly like the Holywood high school teen movies ...

Ian I (fr) wrote: It's better than any serious barbarian movie, I'll tell you that much.

Thomas H (mx) wrote: Damn this is a bad movie.

Kate C (ca) wrote: This movie always makes me smile even when I feel absolutely horrible. Its like Nancy Drew but with opera... okay not opera really because even though Deanna Durbin was an opera star, when they introduced her into these kinds of films later in her career the studio veered more towards popular music to make her appeal to a younger audience. Whereas a kid singing opera is amazing, it loses appeal over time. Its interesting how similar the second half of Durbin's career is to Shirley Temple when she came out of retirement and the kinds of roles the two took on in order to escape their child star stereotype. Oh right! About the movie... its like a slapstick film noir... take one part The Third Man (minus the zither music) and add one part Bringing Up Baby and you've got this movie! Perhaps one of the reasons I keep watching it over and over is because its such a strange combination. Although, it is very similar to the old black and white Nancy Drews and The Thin Man, which I absolutely love... just the quality isn't there. Still fun though and a few snazzy musical numbers throughout :P Oh! and Edward Everett Horton :) who is just quality in and of himself.

Christopher N (es) wrote: A little too stagey for me. Script[t felt "well-crafted" rather than real. Too much artificial sentimentality for my tastes. Plenty of wise-cracking though, and Ginger is always wonderful.

Thomas D (de) wrote: Solid movie. Moving.

John A (us) wrote: I just didn't picture Scott Bakula as Harry D'Amour.

Waleed A (gb) wrote: great sci-fi adventure/survival movie. lots of beautifully-shot scenes. the visuals and cinematography were superb. the story was great, lots of suspense. good cast. (3 viewings)

Amber B (mx) wrote: I loved it Gerard butler and Emmy rossum did a wonderful job

Paul J (us) wrote: Sirk is most famous for his "woman weepies." This is an exception. It also happens to be his best film. Clean and effortless storytelling with memorable characters. However, it's the unforgettable black and white cinematography that lingers long after the film is over. It has a nostalgic feel not that different from The Last Picture Show. Tarnished Angels remains an underrated gem that exists in unpretentious perfection.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: A very good prequel with the original cast which makes a nice change in prequels, It was nice to see Michael Sheen back too, I enjoyed it just as much as the others, The action was very gory and entertaining, If you payed attention to the first two Underworld movies then you kind of know what is going to happen and when as literally the whole film is explained in Underworld 1 & 2 so it kind of takes the excitement out of some bits but it's still great and probably the best Underworld film to date.