Half Past Dead

Half Past Dead

This movie tells the story of a man who goes undercover in a hi-tech prison to find out information to help prosecute those who killed his wife. While there he stumbles onto a plot involving a death-row inmate and his $200 million stash of gold.

This movie tells the story of criminal mastermind who has set in motion a plan to infiltrate a high-tech prison in order to persuade a death row inmate to reveal the whereabouts of $200 million worth of gold. There he encounters an undercover FBI agent who helps prosecute those who killed his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Half Past Dead torrent reviews

Shantel D (kr) wrote: It was funny in that "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" way. Brian Posehn is HILARIOUS always.

Christina C (fr) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies, all age groups can enjoy, weather for the music, the raw storyline or all of the above and more. If your a, keep it real person like me you will appeciate how currently realistic this movie really is. I pray for more like it,it's a true blessing that will touch your soul.

Saurabh N (nl) wrote: not as bad as i expected it to be......nice try.....bt the story cd hav been better.....songs wr gr8 so ws the bg score......i luvd javed jafrey's charater.....ROOM-ME-AO....hehe hilarious....

Ashley L (us) wrote: One of my new fave musical-based cult-classics! Catchy rock-opera songs, outrageous characters, and Anthony Stewart Head!!!

Robert J (au) wrote: Luke Evans is great in this film and I think that the story was an entertaining and interesting one.

Edward S (it) wrote: A striking testament to the inexorable effects of time, aging, and human psychological and social change. The film hits us hard as we observe the subjects phase into their midlife crises; they reflect on their perpetual failures or successes from their own spoken aspirations documented in the earlier entries when they were undeveloped children. Scary. There's just something about this film that appeals to us all on a personal, primordial level. We watch the subjects progress through life and feel the same joys or sorrows that we share. There is, without a doubt, much science to be extrapolated from the "evidence" displayed in these films. But, it's always much more fascinating to watch it applied as our fellow men and women ride the human experience. From this, we start to muse if the benign or malign patterns will occur in our own journeys as well. We almost trivialize the longevity and exceptionalism of our own lives, no? "49 Up" is yet another welcomed cinematic addition from Michael Apted's mindblowingly persistent and high-quality longitudinal experiment.

Jacob P (de) wrote: Good story, It's just the way they filmed it was horrible.

Amanda H (es) wrote: This movie was far less cheesy and over-the-top than I expected it to be. It's not an original story by any means, but it's still entertaining and worth the hour and a half. Nick Cannon is a far better actor than he is a musician.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Solid spy-thriller movie with a decent shootout at the end. There was some good humor here and there in the film, too. Reminded me somehow of Hitchcock's "Notorious"; probably just for the way the plot revolved around romance and Nazis.

aa j (it) wrote: how can i see the movies?

Fernando C (de) wrote: this is one of those movies that makes you want to take care of the planet and save it. great movie!

Riccardo R (nl) wrote: Da quel che ho sentito si sono persi un po' i punti chiave che hanno reso bello il libro.L'idea carina, ma in certi punti la sceneggiatura manca di qualcosa. Peccato.