Hallelujah the Hills

Hallelujah the Hills

Jack and Leo vie for the affections of Vera, who appears each man as a different woman, over the course of a series of rambling, energetic sketches.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Jack and Leo vie for the affections of Vera, who appears each man as a different woman, over the course of a series of rambling, energetic sketches. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Curt F (it) wrote: Another movie set in NYC for me. I have to give this a thumbs down for the last half of this movie. The setup is great, the detail is tremendous, the pacing is good. The Times Square ending never seems to end. The ending itself secured my negative feeling towards this flick. Wouldn't it be more powerful to end the movie by her accomplishing her mission to prove how brutal and violent these suicide bombers are? Instead I just wasted an hour and a half not really seeing anything. I wish I could have put this movie in the backpack with the bomb.I shouldn't say that, this movie wasn't all that bad, just frustrating that it was off the mark at its most crucial moment.

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Andrew R (gb) wrote: If anything, this movie is even more relevant today. Alas, the trend of a generation of young Muslims who are far more extremist than their parents continues to plague Europe.

Francisco F (fr) wrote: Troublant, mais deja assez poisseux sur le plan ideologique ; cela n'a fait qu'empirer depuis.

Andrew F (gb) wrote: Though the film gets sort of laborious, I appreciated Seven Beauties for constantly taking risks. It's worth it to check the movie out.

Drew S (ca) wrote: A rich, thoughtful exploration of classism as seen through the eyes of children. Removed from the subtlety of Ozu's later work, I Was Born But...trades in reservation for broad emotions, as is often the case when events are filtered through simpler narrators. The sociology is fundamentally intact, and we as a more experienced audience have the opportunity to understand things that fly over the heads of the sons (like a touchingly relatable scene where the boys are completely humiliated by a show of their father's sense of humor), but when you make a film like this you run the risk of overgeneralization. The boys' frustration is understood and justified, and the film wisely tempers it with the gentle insinuation that you can always improve your situation. Despite that, I felt the movie ultimately painted an incomplete portrait of the family's circumstances and what exactly makes the father's subordination so frustrating; surely even children this young understand that everyone has a boss, right? The dilution of the theme makes the movie simpler to approach and grapple with, but not quite as satisfying in the end. The catharsis isn't as easy to apply to our own lives because, well, we aren't kids anymore. Finally, the film's seemingly pro-assimilation ending has a disconcerting ring to it, dovetailing the film into a sort of hopelessness that explodes in the face of its otherwise uplifting tone.Still, it's funny, likable and underhandedly intelligent, sneaking up on you with its insight. Definitely worth watching.

Eric B (it) wrote: Terrible CG, terrible writing, and terrible acting. At least the world building is better than the original.

Tim H (nl) wrote: An out of work Engineer take a temporary job as a school teacher but struggles to impact the lives of his students. Well defined and understated performance by Poitier highlights this sometimes dated view of racial and generational clash.

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