Halloween II

Halloween II

After failing to kill stubborn survivor Laurie and taking a bullet or six from former psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael Myers has followed Laurie to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where she's been admitted for Myers' attempt on her life. The institution proves to be particularly suited to serial killers, however, as Myers cuts, stabs and slashes his way through hospital staff to reach his favorite victim.

Set on the same night of October 31, 1978 as the unkillable psycho Michael Myers continues to follow Laurie Strode to a nearby hospital while Dr. Sam Loomis is still in pursuit of his patient. Numerous night-shift employees are slaughtered in a variety of gruesome ways as Myers closes in on his fixation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Halloween II torrent reviews

kat g (jp) wrote: loved it great looking dragons!!!

Sandy C (fr) wrote: here's where reviewers reveal what snobs they are. i don't care what anyone says this movie is funny and that is rarely accomplished by most so called comedies such as "spy" and especially anything by adam sandler.

Jake P (us) wrote: Frank Henenlotters most entertaining film.

Matthew D (us) wrote: Super bad movie. This is the worst alien movie ever made and its incredible stupid and very overrated. And such Ugly aliens. Super Extreme Bad Movie.

Jose S (it) wrote: Great film with amazing performances from both Lansbury and York. I'm so glad that it has finally been released in BlueRay.

Eric H (jp) wrote: A truly remarkable film! Operatic sets, histrionic posturing and title cards by protofascist Gabriele D'Annunzio make this silent classic a cut above all that came before and much that came after. It doesn't really matter that the title character gets precious little screen time and zero close-ups or that there's more plot than a dozen movies, this picture is special. I mean, it's got everything: volcanoes, shipwrecks, blood thirsty pagans, greedy tavern owners, not to mention guest appearances by Archimedes (with the original death ray), Hannibal (with elephants), Moloch (evil overlord of the Dark Empire) and other assorted luminaries including a recalcitrant leopard who wanders on and off the set. No zombies though.This film was also notable as the beginning of the ever-popular Maciste franchise. Bartolomeo Pagano starred in a series of over 20 further adventures of Maciste before the 20s were out, to say nothing of all later incarnations. In one memorable scene Mr. Maciste gives new meaning to the phrase "the daily grind." This is a movie not to be missed!

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Brisk delivery helps to keep this animated tale from the doldrums even while traveling over familiar characterisations and plot devices. A decent effort artistically and aided by well done voiceovers.

Dale C (kr) wrote: When I watch movies, I want my comedies to be funny, horror films to be scary, my dramas to be emotional, and my action movies to be bad-ass. In this case The Raid: Redemption is an action movie and it is by far the most fast paced, insane, in your face action movie I have ever seen. The movie clocks in at 1 hour 40 minutes and has action for over an hour. The choreography in the movie is near flawless and the fighting never seems to get repetitive even when you start to think it might. The overall story of the movie is a bit unoriginal and doesn't really keep you guessing, with the exception of a plot twist towards the end of the movie, but it's kinda what you would expect from a movie like this. I gave this movie four and a half stars because even though it has at best a decent story with a even better cast, it accomplishes it's goal to a tee by being a bad-ass movie. A definate joy to watch.