Hallows' Eve

Hallows' Eve

Years after a tragic accident leaves a young child scarred for life, the people responsible pay - with their lives.

Years after a tragic accident leaves a young child scarred for life, the people responsible pay - with their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan W (ca) wrote: Artsy, dark and quite messed up. The plot is quite thin but The Neon Demon is visually stunning and kept me watching throughout.

Daniel P (de) wrote: Improvised feeling, natural, moving and finally uplifting, Treacle Jr. reminded me a little of a British mumblecore (that sub-genre that threatened, though never quite managed, to take off towards the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011). Tom Fisher plays Tom, a married man with a child who for reasons unknown, ups and leaves without warning from his home in Birmingham with no possessions save the clothes he stands in, and makes for the streets of London (he later sort-of explains "I have a problem being around people... I just want to be on my own!", but it's never revealed *exactly* what the 'dealbreaker' was). Faced with living on the streets, he wanders parks until a possible threat from a teenage gang leads to him running straight into a tree, to a hospital to get treatment, where he meets Aidan in the waiting room. Initially irritating, Aidan speaks with a heavy speech impediment and is possibly developmentally challenged (though this is up for interpretation), and is also initially profoundly irritating. With nothing much to do, Tom allows Aidan to follow him around London and the two eventually bond over a kitten (the titular Treacle Jr.). During the later stages the story does indulge in a few too many coincidences and the ending is possibly a bit too sugary and predictable (though it feels deserved), but for the most part Treacle Jr. is an exceptionally fresh, original and invigorating piece of cinema, shot on a tiny budget with a minimal crew, mostly on the fly and in sequential order. The performances of Aidan Gillen and Tom Fisher are truly wonderful (Gillen plays an initially annoying character but by the end you'll be in love with him, I guarantee it), and Riann Steele is also excellent as Aidan's unlikely girlfriend (her manipulation over him is just one of the many interesting shades of grey that ground the film). A gem.

Silvia F (fr) wrote: Blue Sky's Rio may be cliche-infested but it saves itself with dazzling animation and fantastic music numbers.

Brandon O (fr) wrote: /10Acting - 8Writing - 7.5Dialogue - 8Plot & Characterization - 8Cinematography & Editing - 8.5Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 8.5How much I enjoyed it personally - 7

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 62% -Like Moles, Like Rats- For a post-apocalyptic flick, not much goes on.

Tomas H (es) wrote: Beautifully shot - paced as an elderly sequel to 'Belle De Jour' - it boldly and elegantly accomplishes it's task of homage epilogue. People argue that when Husson essentially deconstructs the original film in the bar scene, much is lost by such open revelation of the subtext - but age, trauma and the subconscious both repress AND reveal over time. Why does meaning always have to be repressed and camoflauged in art? It may just reveal itself as a chicken apparition in a hallway 40 years down the line. Bravo to de Oliviera for doing this film at 97 years old.

Mithun G (au) wrote: Damning indictment of the child abuse coverups by the Catholic Church.

Cee C (kr) wrote: very hilarious and original.

Lenny R (ca) wrote: A bit on the cheap 'n' nasty side, but actually pretty entertaining, with appearances by actors you probably aren't expecting to see in something like this. Kind of like an Uwe Boll movie with more soul, more brain, more humour and more subtlety. It ain't Lord of the Rings -- hell, it ain't even Willow -- but it ain't bad.

Chloe C (jp) wrote: a total waste of time!!

Sarah L (us) wrote: "Yes sir Brother Thadius!" i liked the very young, very attractive Patrick Dempsey in this movie.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Grungy-But-Very Funny Dracula Spoof--Sink your teeth into this!!

Queen M (ca) wrote: First one amde in colour

Alexander R (gb) wrote: Excessive and distasteful. No amount of amusing lyrics can save this one.

Eric H (us) wrote: The idea of putting swimming starlet Esther Williams in a biography of champion Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman must have seemed like a can't-miss concept for a splashy matine item which would pay-off no matter what the outcome. Unfortunately, the concept itself is underused, as Williams performs in a handful of extravagant water routines but does very little dramatic acting. Producer Arthur Hornblow Jr. and the requisite M-G-M brass do not appear to have any inspiration that goes beyond the standard glitz and glamor (the script being somewhat expendable). That's too bad, for Kellerman's life story had aspects of both high drama and nostalgic value (being the first woman to wear a one-piece swimsuit on America's shores!). Mervyn LeRoy's direction is quite capable, and Williams is amiable, however Busby Berkeley's lavish, gaudy production numbers are what most people end up remembering.

(fr) wrote: What can I say? An amazing classic.

David M (us) wrote: Another beauty. Takes a while to get going, but then gets awesome!

Hailie F (jp) wrote: This movie just absolutely sucked. The ending was anti-climatic and the acting was just plain boring. Never again will I watch something so outrageously terrible.

Eliabeth M (br) wrote: William Gates: That's why when somebody say, "when you get to the NBA, don't forget about me", and that stuff. Well, I should've said to them, "if I don't make it, don't you forget about me."Hoop Dreams es el documental por excelencia. Es una historia que sigue a dos jvenes durante aos de logros, fracasos, pobreza y violencia. William Gates and Arthur Agee son los protagonistas. Ambos tienen sueos de llegar a la NBA, y tienen el talento para lograrlo, pero la vida no es sencilla. Toda la burocracia que rodea a esta institucin, hace que sus posibilidades sean mnimas, y a esto hay que agregar que ambos vienen de barrios pobres, donde el mayor logro es llegar vivo a los 18 aos. Pero esto no los detiene. Ambos llegan a lugares que nunca soaron, pero sus circunstancias terminan alcanzndolos. Hoop Dreams es un logr monumental, y han habido pocas veces donde se ha vuelto palpable la dificultad que tienen ciertas personas, slo por el lugar donde vienen, de lograr el sueo americano. Roger Ebert la llam "Una de las mejores filmes acerca de la vida americana que he visto" y tiene razn. Hoop Dreams presenta sin censura todos los obstculos que tienen que superar Gates y Agee para llegar a lo alto. No slo es un deporte brutal que exige total compromiso, sino que es una inversin tremenda de dinero, y que si no se logran los objetivos trazados, las deudas se van acumulando rpidamente. Pero esta pelcula no slo se enfoca en ellos, sino en sus familias. Ambos vienen de la pobreza, y lograrlo no slo se significa fama, sino salir de el barrio y darle una calidad de vida a las personas ms cercanas a ellos.Hay escenas conmovedoras que al ser reales, se vuelven tremendamente emocionales. Especialmente una se viene en mente. La familia Agee celebra el cumpleaos 18 de Arthur, y la madre dice que lo nico que le importa es que pudo llegar a esta edad vivo. La NBA pasa a segundo plano. Esta es una realidad que es difcil de entender para personas que viven en buenos barrios y comunidades, pero es el pan de cada da para millones de personas, donde el mayor logro es mantenerse alejado de las pandillas y sobrevivir.Hoop Dreams es un documental que no omite nada, y que empez siendo una pelcula de 30 minutos para convertirse en un proyecto tremendo que abarca ms de 5 aos. Un logro que increble, sobretodo porque finalmente pone el foco donde debera, y nos deja la leccin de que es bueno tener sueos, pero que hay que mantener los pies en la tierra, y que el sueo americano esta al alcance de slo unos pocos.

JuanKa P (es) wrote: Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) es un escritor viviendo un momento de gran frustracin, cuando un antiguo amigo le muestra los poderes de una droga llamada NZT que permite alcanzar el potencial mximo del cerebro. Las destrezas de Morra en todos los campos se dispararn volvindose un genio de Wall Street y llamando la atencin de magnates como Carl Van Loon (Robert De NIro) quien quiere contar con el talento del nuevo genio. La droga encierra impredecibles consecuencias, indeseadas, que podran ir en contra de los deseos de Eddie. Recomendable!!