Halo Legends

Halo Legends

Halo Legends is an unprecedented gathering of the finest talent in Japanese animation that have drawn together to explore the mystery and action of the Halo universe. Eight episodes and a stunning range of visual styles shed new light and epic perspective on Halo lore.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anthology,   macguffin,   halo,  

The universe of the Halo video game series is expanded in seven short animated films from Japan's greatest anime directors and studios. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Halo Legends torrent reviews

Syed R (ca) wrote: It's the old retro JLA savin the day. It feels like a extended episode of the Super Friends or the The Super Powers Team show. And it's not just for nostalgia sake, it was really well made (well except for the obvious time travel plot holes that you'd expect), even if it was pretty short. It's a damn shame that this DTV that's directed towards kids trumps Justice League: War by miles. It tells you how much DC is crapping on their characters with the new 52.

Joanna C (ca) wrote: Didn't do much actions, I was really bored of it. :(

Bunker B (it) wrote: This is something really different from western fantasy movies, other then telling a war story, this is more of a break down between different parties because their wish ether clash with one another, or fobbed by their rule... A spirit fox who want to be a human, and a princess who will give up everything to regain her beauty... This might be some strange node that the western movies hardly step on, but is fairly common in Asian stories, which make this movie a fairly nice refresher from most of the "standard" western style fantasy movies.On other hand... I'll simply watch it for Amano Yoshitaka's art design... FYI, that is the Art God who is behind every Final Fantasy...

Mat T (fr) wrote: Surprenante Louise Bourgoin !

Niall E (mx) wrote: Who hired Hillary Duff for this? How did Hillary Duff become famous? Why is Hillary Duff so bad at acting? What am I doing with my life? Where's Wally?

David S (ca) wrote: An all over the place action film with a crap ton of shaky cam that will give you a headache. But I dug the story and development of it. Just kinda average, slightly below average.

Jay B (ca) wrote: I was surprised how much I enjoyed this flick. A well made coming of age family dramedy, better than 90% of the films released in theatres in the past 3 months. Well worth a rent or a watch on TMN. ...the extra half a star goes to Emma Booth. God Damn.

Chris M (ca) wrote: Maggie Gyllenhaal is the reason to watch this. It's a slight story without any satisfying resolution, but she dominates the whole thing. Sherrybaby is a character who's easy to dislike and almost as easy to like, but Gyllenhaal protrays her wonderfully in a fearless performance that is sometimes pretty awkward to watch. The supporting cast are good too, but when it was over I felt a bit underwhelmed. It doesn't outstay its welcome but neither does it offer any conclusive send-off, which left me largely unmoved.

Delores M (us) wrote: I have recently watched Spanglish. I thought the performances by Adam Sandler, was great while he let Paz Vega shine. The dynamic in the movie were excellent and understandable, easy to follow. The wife Leoni, you could have went with a different actress. No chemistry there at all! While the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Paz Vega could be seen and felt through the screen.

Josh W (ag) wrote: I have no idea what happened in this movie. There was a map, then it got ripped in half, then there were two complete maps, and the treasure was either in a mountain or under a lake. This is about par for a Stephen Baldwin movie though.

bill b (fr) wrote: lot of potential but did not worked out through the end

Craig C (gb) wrote: A fine eulogy to Ray Harryhausen that seems out of place in 1981. With a stunning cast of A-list actors as God's feels like a mid-60s time capsule.

Jeans P (it) wrote: A strong sharped comedy for any comrade of his or her wits to enjoy

Natalie B (kr) wrote: If you were expecting a "Fatal Attraction style" thriller (as the trailer would seem to imply) then you may be initially disappointed, because this film isn't that. What it IS though is an exciting and skillfully executed homage to the noir genre. The chemistry between the two leads, Brody and Strahovski is palpable and engaging from beginning to end, with Manhattan itself a beautiful, beguiling third character in a movie of many intriguing triads. Things are never quite what they appear to be on the face of things, which makes a riveting to watch from start to finish as these mysteries unfold. The two leads are supported by an excellent cast including Campbell Scott in a layered and unsettling performance as Strahovski's now deceased film director husband obsessed with recording the minutiae of his life, and the iconic theater actor Steven Berkoff as a vicious Rupert Murdoch-like media mogul with a vulnerable secret. What is especially refreshing from a genre with traditionally more distinct outlines for light and dark, good and evil, are the shades of grey director Brian DeCubellis in his feature film debut, allows the characters to maintain throughout the narrative; we see how each person's darkness can be understood in the context of their all too human vulnerabilities and desires for their own version of personal redemption.I highly recommend you watch this seductive and compelling film.

Nicolette H (jp) wrote: Close to a 4 1/2. My favorite comedy of the year! This movie provided more genuine ha ha, cramps in my hip from laughing so hard moments than any comedy I've seen for awhile. Being a huge fan of The Lonely Island, as in saw all their old YouTube videos & looked forward to their digital shorts on Saturday Night Live, have their music & absolutely loved Hot Rod, Popstar was the best. Yes there are some inconsistencies & the story dragged on a bit but I could over look it so easily cause I was having a blast. Laughing non stop & I know it's good when I laugh too much & need to rewind more than 1 scene cause I loved it so much & want to laugh all over again. Lots of stand out scenes. Loved the ending. Now THIS is definitely more my type of comedy. Just so impressed with this & sad this didn't make more of a bigger splash with people getting out to the theaters to see it. I know comedy is different for people but I feel like most people out there will laugh at this. This was like a Lonely Island skit meets Entourage & I'm obsessed. Loved the guys, loved all the celebrity cameos, & loved the mockumentary style lol. The music was so awesome!! They never disappoint with their songs. I can think of at least 3 songs I absolutely loved & need ha ha if not more. This is a must own for me!! Buy it, rent it, just support this movie. Especially if you like these guys. Entertaining Bromance comedy. As trying to be a comedy movie, it nailed it!