Hamari Yaad Aayegi

Hamari Yaad Aayegi

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Kyle L (ag) wrote: "this movie portray certain traits that really encompass the weaknesses of the troubled youth"

David M (nl) wrote: In 2001s 'Monsters, Inc', Sully and Wazowski are the best of friends, who work at the prestigious Monster, Inc of the title collecting the screams of children that powers their world.That's not the case in this prequel, which actually goes back to how they first met, at the 'Monsters University' of the title. Of course, they are immediately rivals, with this story detailing how they came to be the best of friends (along with the usual moral lesson along the way) ...Personally, I felt that this wasn't quite as good as the original, but it was better than some of Pixar's other more recent outputs.

Jon E (au) wrote: Once is a brilliant tale of love and music from accomplished director John Carney. With its alternative cinematic style and charming story arch, 'Once' is an uplifting feel good film with a spectacular musical display.It is not surprising that lead song 'Falling Slowly' won an Oscar, and others such as 'If You Want Me' could just as easily have been in the running. Set in Dublin, Ireland, the plot revolves around a vacuum repair man turned street singer and a Czech girl in a low key cleaning job in their quest to make good music and find love (or re-find their respective flames). Though some of the alternative camera angles do not quite work, and can make some scenes feel a little uncomfortable, this subtracts little from the overall heart of the film and its status as musical brilliance and cinematic mastery. The features leaves much to the imagination in the conclusion, and is a thoroughly enchanting film to watch.

Sarfara A (ru) wrote: Disney's Escape To Witch Mountain is based on the novel of same name by Alexander Key. It's magical and it's got courage to flaunt those endeavors. Mild story about pre-teen young brother and sister 'Tony' and 'Tia' who are supposedly of extraterrestrial origins, both possess telekinetic as well as psychic powers. It may not hit the spot, but it surely is an entertainment drive.