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Hambre torrent reviews

ShuYa M (gb) wrote: ???????????????? (???)

Will S (de) wrote: A movie that corrects a lot of what was fundamentally wrong with An Inconvenient Truth. A good watch. It's a shame none of his ideas will probably be put to practice.

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: The terrible acting oddly makes the film much more realistic.

Zachary S (es) wrote: Haha, this film is nearly unwatchable. I kind of regret watching it. But there's nothing else on at 4-5 in the morning and I've seen it a couple times now. It's a little addicting, because of how dumb it is.

linda b (br) wrote: it only got BIG marks due to it was filmed in Revelstoke. A town i still love and missThe reason why I rated this movie is mainly as its filmed in a town I lived on and off for 21 yrs. Its a slow movie but seeing the town i love the most in the world Revelstoke Bc Canada makes up for it

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Neil Jordan (The Company of Wolves (1984), The Crying Game (1992) and Interview with the Vampire (1994)), this is a tense psychological horror-thriller he co-wrote with Withnail and I's Bruce Robinson, (who later disowned the film), adapted from Bari Wood's 1993 novel Doll's Eyes, this is a tense film which has an unusual tone, and some good visuals. It might be schlocky and a bit confused, but it is a good idea for a film. In Massachussets, illustrator Claire Cooper (Annette Benning) has had weird dreams, but she's in a happy marriage to pilot husband Paul (Aidan Quinn), and they have a daughter, Rebecca (Katie Sagona). However, after Rebecca is kidnapped and found brutally murdered, Claire has a breakdown, and she begins to have dreams where a missing child is being held captive, and murdered. Fearing for his wife's sanity, Paul has Claire sent to a mental institution, where she's examined by Dr. Silverman (Stephen Rea), but while there, Claire discovers some disturbing facts about a former patient, Vivian Thompson (Robert Downey, Jr.) It's not as bad as what some critics made it out to be at the time, it's actually very well made, and there's some lovely cinematography on display from Darius Khondji, but the film is worth it for Downey, Jr's extended cameo, where he goes absolutely insane, and that makes the film.

Johnny L (de) wrote: It's bold for its time, but not worth the watch today. I wouldn't entirely dismiss checking out the remake, if and when it is completed.

Ollie S (nl) wrote: Interesting and quite chilling but in some aspects with a little research with today's understanding of nuke attacks not completely correct. But harrowing all the same in places.

Ashleigh W (nl) wrote: An ok film and i think Barbras great, but i disliked the film as if was all over the place and hard to keep track of what was reality and what was her imagination!

Emanuel R (jp) wrote: A heart wrenching story about one man's dream to escape the hardship of his country and migrate to USA.

Bob V (ru) wrote: Third installment in the "Back-yard musicals" series, which featured Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland (though they always played different parts. Well, the names were changed anyhow) and was always about kids putting on their own musical, with surprising production values and decors that make those from "High School Musical" look positively dowdy. There's a reason of course that not only the Back-yard musical series, but also the Andy Hardy series (musicals, featuring... Rooney & Garland...) were wildly popular money-makers, and that's because it all works quite well: charismatic a-typical good guy hero, sweet young girl with a phenomenal voice, peppy songs and dance routines, tears, laughter, smiles, woe & a happy end to cap it all off. Behind the scenes there would be no happy end, at least not for Judy Garland. MGM started her - though still a child at first - on the merry-go-round of uppers and downers that would plague her life & career, eventually ending them both. But the films of both series were being turned out at such a rapid rate - and Garland also starred in other films on her own, such as "The Wizard of Oz" which heightened her profile and bankability considerably - and were so profitable to the studio that giving her a rest just would not do, and the rest if sad history. Still, I hope I didn't sour the films with that, as they are a lot of fun, and both Rooney & Garland are at their (juvenile) best here, clowning around and infecting the audience with their glee. Garland would go on to mature parts and play more challenging roles, but everything that made her such a massive star is already in this film. And Rooney would... uh, I have no clue what Rooney did after he could no longer play the juvenile, which he managed to continue doing for an exceptionally long time. He disastrously married Ava Gardner, and became a wrinkled little old man who feeds off past glory & media-whoring? I should look into that.

Danielle W (ru) wrote: a good movie, it was a sad movie how he couldnt keep his daughter but he wont give up

Riley H (es) wrote: Interesting enough to make you forget all the mismatches between the new footage and the war footage.