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Hamrahi torrent reviews

Keya A (jp) wrote: It took a long time for this so so second installment.

Kimberly G (ru) wrote: amazing movie don't listen to the reviews. This is a movie to watch as a couple or as a girl. Some men might like it but it is filled with happiness I was crying at the end makes you want to dance and sing and fall love and have drama and romance in everything everything that should be in a movie do not listen to Rotten Tomatoes I am starting to learn listen to the users. See this movie. Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah were amazing. And the song that they used brought you back to the eighties and nineties and the early 2000 and it made you happy watch this movie I'm telling you you won't regret it

Andrew S (ca) wrote: An intimate look at the outspoken, flamboyant founder of the Playboy empire. With humor and insight, the film captures Hefner's fierce battles with the government, the religious right and militant feminists. Rare footage and compelling interviews with a remarkable who's who of 20th Century American pop culture, present a brilliant and entertaining snapshot of the life of an extraordinary man and the controversies that surrounded him.

Freddie K (us) wrote: It's admittedly cringe-worthy at times through a rehashed message on the importance of Christmas spirit, but that is completely mauled over by the unstoppable tide of hilariously crafted charcters. Perfectly encapsulating a locked -antlers family over the Christmas holidays...this is probably my favourite Christmas movie, and with an overly clichd message, that's quite the achievement.

katrina s (gb) wrote: reminds me of my childhood!ganda!=)

Doctor S (kr) wrote: Nobody has seen this and nobody even WANTS to see it - so I must! Plus, Anne Heche!

Asif K (ru) wrote: well it looks good enough

Sarah S (jp) wrote: Perfectly fitting titile for this movie, Mindwalk is about two old friends who embark on a journey of their minds through an intensely involved philosophical conversation. These two are soon accompanied by woman scientist who shares her insight in a brilliant and insightful way. Must see for anyone with an open mind who enjoys philosophical argument and has a passion for learning about different people.

Stacie (it) wrote: As a drummer - I am all about Carmine Appice. ... As a movie goer - this thing sucked balls. But the original VHS cover was really cool - it was all bubbly and 3D-ish. So really, it was the best part of the movie.

Cecily B (br) wrote: This movie provokes no interest

Lucas G (ca) wrote: When I first went to see Mondo Cane, I expected a Gore Fest. The movie that spawned a whole generation of films that relied heavily on the exploitation of graphic blood and violence could not be less than a carnival of massacre.I was wrong.This movie doesn't have as much hack'n'slash scenes as I thought it would have but it is much, much more disturbing that I ever dreamt it would be. The great art of the Mondo movement is not to be visually shocking; it is to be quintessentially horryfying. Every single scene is built with such a sardonic objectivity, such a cold scientificism that lets you wondering about the true awful nature of the human race.This movie is a masterpiece of misanthopy.

Ann L (ag) wrote: ELMER GANTRY I really enjoyed this film. It is a true classic. The story is as important and relevant in today's world as when the movie first came out in 1960. The film is not rated, but there is a warning at the beginning of the movie concerning the sensitive nature of the material. Burt Lancaster plays an iconic con man and absolute scoundrel of the first order, a part for which he won a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor. The rest of the cast turned in terrific performances as well. In fact Jean Simmons also won an Oscar that year for her role as the traveling evangelist Sister Sharon Falconer. The screenplay was based on a book by noted U.S. novelist Sinclair Lewis.

Simon D (ru) wrote: Very strong cast and a surprising Poirot from Albert Finney. Good story but not as much action or scenery as I'd have liked from a train film.