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Hän varasti elämän


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David T (fr) wrote: This was a very good documentary. Although unevenly paced, it was incredibly informative, interesting and detailed. It is a great reminder that despite her wild and untamed image in photos, film, and various media, Bettie was in fact a very humble, down-to-earth and religious woman, with many deep internal wars going on inside her head just like everyone else. I must admit, I did not expect to hear her narrate the majority of the film herself. My jaw dropped and my eyes flooded. Despite some minor pacing flaws, if you are a fan of Ms. Page's, being able to spend an hour and a half with Bettie is worth the price alone. And I guarantee you she's going to tell you some things about her life that, even as a fan, you will have had no idea about before. Oh, you may think you have heard everything. But oh, no. You haven't even scraped the tip of the iceberg.

Barbarella B (gb) wrote: Funny small budget film I caught at an indie theater. This movie was campy, cheesy and full of naked vampires. What more can you ask for in a movie? It is a spoof of I am Legend, but instead of a german shepard, Robby, hunts for fellow survivors with his slow basset hound. The zombie apocalypse in this movie was on par with the big budget films. There were tons of boobs in this film though, so not for the boob-shy. More like for the boob enthusiast. Ron Jeremy makes a funny cameo. I just wish that the main character (spoiler alert) would finally lose his virginity in the end. Maybe on the DVD extra features there could be a deleted scene where he goes *all the way.


Justa C (fr) wrote: Mediocre plot that fails to keep watchers on the edge of their seats with an ending that lets you down.

Will S (es) wrote: i loved it but i thought it was older than 1990

Scott R (kr) wrote: An original attack on political conservative corruption that existed in modern day France. I would say that this is where many European political demonstrations got their drive.

Alessandro B (es) wrote: A Swedish Romeo and Juliet, but it's the use of music and image that I really like; in fact, the music is the real star of the film.

Dylan P (ca) wrote: A fun silly and overall awesome movie. I found it to be very funny most of all werewolf Mussolini who was incredible. It isn't for everyone those who hate crude humor and silly movies will hate it but for those who like this sort of thing this is a masterpiece.