Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Seven-year-olds Michael and Rachel are best friends who do everything together and who have vowed to remain friends "forever and ever and can't be parted for never and never." Unfortunately, the society that Michael and Rachel live in is one of religious intolerance. The fact that Michael is Irish Catholic and Rachel is Jewish is a point of conflict for just about everyone in the community. When the two young children are made aware of their ideological differences, it begins to tear apart their friendship, and they decide to test whose God is stronger. What they discover is that at the core, their religions really aren't that different from one another: both worship a God of love, not vengeance.

A little Roman Catholic boy and a little Jewish girl become best friends despite the prejudice that surrounds them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hand in Hand torrent reviews

Paul W (gb) wrote: A very silly premise pretty poorly executed.

David G (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies!

Andrew M (es) wrote: Not only is Cedric the Entertainer a bad comedian, but a bad actor as well.

Agnieska B (de) wrote: Could be much, much better...

Tassanie (ag) wrote: I fell in love with David Tennant again ! He's totally legitimate in the crazy part of Hamlet. The others, the King, Laertes, Ophlia, the Queen are scary and amazing! I found the play very accurate, adapted in a modern setting, a bit too long, but then, you have all the dialogs! To be or not to be...

bill s (es) wrote: Bits and parts entertain but most of this movie is a Zzzzzzzzzz.

Tommaso C (de) wrote: Eh vabb, inchiniamoci.Piccolo capolavoro splatter/grottesco che mi pento di aver scoperto con troppo ritardo. Un simbionte dalle poco nobili sembianze ti promette trip allucinanti e allucinati in cambio di cervelli umani. E tu che fai, non accetti? Certo che accetti, ci mancherebbe.Il budget rasenta lo zero ma i risultati sarebbero potuti essere molto peggiori.Sangue quanto basta, tanti bei ciuffoni anni '80/'90, fellatio prevedibili ma spassose, boh, credo di aver detto tutto.

Pavan R (ca) wrote: was a good movie....Anil Kapoor and Dilip Kumar do well overall

bill s (mx) wrote: OK,not so much fun but still enjoyable minus the ending.