Hannah Free

Hannah Free

A film about a lifelong love affair between an independent spirit and the woman she calls home.

The movie depicts the lifelong love affair between an adventurous, unapologetic lesbian Hannah and a strong but quiet homemaker named Rachel as well as reveals how the women maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelities, and family denial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louis S (ru) wrote: The movie brings back memories with its 70's sci fi effects and fashion. Makes you nostalgic.

Callum D (ru) wrote: The untouchables is a comedy, drama the title does a good job of setting the scene about the film it is about the people seen to be undesirable or people who are seen to have a certain stigma attached to them. the trailer shows the main themes of the film a light hearted comedy which isnt afraid to make fun of both main characters situations. Driss being a young poor 'street' black person and Philippe a crippled rich champagne dealer who has no luck finding an assistant. the film contains multiple moments which would be classed as drama mostly dealing with Philippe's situation but also about driss's family and friends who have a running theme throughout the movie acting as a semi major plot point. the overall message of the film is about hope and how it can be found in the unlikeliness of places.the plot has strong comedy throughout giving good laughs and a heartwarming story. certain plot points could have easily been left out such as scenes with Philippe's daughter whos story is never fully resolved. the ending seems rushed and is split between the start of the film and the end. the acting of the the film is very good with both the main characters giving a great performance especially Omar Sy who plays Driss especially with his family scenes which required him to have a large change of emotion compared to Philippe.the camera work in the movie were quite impressive with different types of scenes such as action with a high speed car chase cutting between scenes inside the car to scenes following the car and the perusing vehicles. the film overall was very enjoyable with with a large range of emotion portrayed and the use of music throughout the film changes depending on which character it is following at the moment to highlight the difference between the two characters and the sad scenes make this a very memorable film which will just as easily pick up your spirits as drop them without notice.

Erin D (us) wrote: Dear Mr Farnsworth: If you can hear me in heaven, stop making me cry in every film you're in, you blessed man! This film was beautiful and nostalgic for me.

Chelsea G (nl) wrote: it looks funny in astupid kinda way

Joshua L (es) wrote: It ayte, makes me laugh

David B (au) wrote: What impenetrable, overwrought codswallop this one's turned out to be. Once again, the American's screw up a British show. Thunderbirds wants to be two things at once: a live-action gee-whiz kiddie flick and a nostalgic spoof of 60's England when it swung like a pendulum. The characters were way off and even though this is meant to be a sort of "Prequel" to the awesome TV series, they added characters that didn't exist, maybe to try and make it kiddie friendly. The actors were awful and though Bill Paxton makes an almost credible Tracey, the kids were plain rubbish and extremely wooden. The special effects are nothing new and really dull, boring and a tad over used, and even though the production value is probably the best thing about the film, don't let the intro and music fool you that this is respecting the brilliant 1960's puppet TV series, because it doesn't. When seeing the "Thunderbird's 1, 2, 3, etc etc...it does look good but the nostalgic wears off very quickly. Avoid and stick to the classic TV series. Blunderturds more like...

Samantha P (br) wrote: Bruce la Bruce on top form.

Brian B (ru) wrote: Another entertaining movie from Ernest. The whole family can enjoy this one.

Brad S (us) wrote: I first saw this masterpiece when it was released on video and hadn't seen it since. i liked it when i first watched it, but seeing it again almost 20 yrs later and on Blu-ray, it simply blew me away. It's is amazing on all levels, from Binoche's performance, to the music, to story and cinematography. It's a great start to the "Three Colors" trilogy and should be require viewing for cinema lovers!

Clark P (fr) wrote: In 1984 Jon Cryer and Demi Moore replaced Matthew Broderick and Sally Field in Jerry Schatzberg's 'No Small Affair', a curious comedy drama that is actually a good deal of fun. The premise of the movie has Cryer as a goofy teenage photographer who falls for a down on her luck singer, Laura Victor, played by Moore, and attempts to put her on the path to stardom. The two leads shine in these early roles - Cryer bringing to the movie his usual loveable charm and Moore managing to gain sympathy for her character's plight. Full of smart one liners and the obligatory 80's rock soundtrack, 'No Small Affair' is definitely worth a look. And just check out the supporting players - Tim Robbins, Jennifer Tilly and George Wendt!

Andrew H (mx) wrote: A very good prison thriller, which is very dramatic and certain aspects of it are very well thought out. The story is of a group of prisoners who want to break out of a prison and an ambitious prison officer who is manipulative and ruthless. There are a few things which make the story stand out " the film is very brutal in some respects there are scenes of murder and torture. The final climatic scenes are truly thrilling and exciting. The ending is not really what is expected, but is a good ending.The only negative point is there are a few flashbacks for the characters to explain how they ended up in prison. Firstly I don(TM)t believe the flashbacks are needed and in some cases they do not explain clearly how these people ended up in prison.The actors play their roles very well Burt Lancaster commands every scene he is and he fits well into the role of the tough leader of the group of prisoners. Lancaster really does stand out in the final climatic scenes. Hume Cronyn is perfectly cast as the manipulative and ruthless Captain Munsey. Cronyn(TM)s persona just seems to fit the role and he has a quiet calm voice which makes his character even meaner. The supporting cast are also very good.Overall a very entertaining and thrilling prison drama which is very dramatic especially towards the end. The cast is perfect and well suited to their roles.

Hillary D (us) wrote: ink a dink, ink a doo, ink a dink a doo...

oxana (ca) wrote: As a Jared Leto -fan, the first thing that caight my eye was the fact that I could not see "Jared" behind Raymond's character. Some gestures and expressions were familiar - but that's about it. This speaks of some really fine acting.Travolta is pretty stiff, Gandolfini just narrates, and Hayek is unpredictable and the seemingly real lunatic in the movie.In a way, I like this. But I wouldn't have watched it without Leto in it. Yet, for those who do not fear the darker side of humanity: go ahead and watch!

Jonas C (kr) wrote: Poor Tony and Al, will the two veterans ever get another decent role?