Hannah, the headstrong rebel of seven siblings, tries to avoid the preparations for her parent's wedding anniversary, but her charming brand-new lover Victor sort of drags her along, and soon proves an ideal son-in-law, which arouses mixed feelings in her. The sister in law who for years tries to fit in but always felt ignored gets a fit because Victor is immediately invited to chip in and join the anniversary river cruise, so they take over the organization from her. Yet when he confides in her the bunch is miserable at communicating, she claims he can't judge after just one evening and seems suddenly uncertain whether to stay with Victor who proves quite patient and understanding...

Hannah, the headstrong rebel of seven siblings, tries to avoid the preparations for her parent's wedding anniversary, but her charming brand-new lover Victor sort of drags her along, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HannaHannaH torrent reviews

Jenny Y (fr) wrote: a mature light-hearted bisexual urban love story. so far so good!

Mary Therese E (jp) wrote: "It's so rare to find a friend like you, somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue"

Ross M (fr) wrote: This ain't your ordinary Cyclops film. Man, I had more fun than I should have done watching this shit. A surprisingly well written comedic screenplay and a good, original, cheesily provocative premise makes this extremely entertaining and you get exactly what is on the box, so there are no real disappointments.

Conrad T (de) wrote: Similarity found in this movie and the other Chinese movies directed by the same director : BORING. I would give it 0 star if the app allows. Cinematography is good however.

Collin R (it) wrote: on its own its actually not great yet compare to how many terrible comedies there are its a minor watchable to kill some time, bright spot

Nathan W (us) wrote: Disturbing, messed up and beautifully made. Requiem for a Dream was definitely one of a kind with great cinematography.

Arend R (br) wrote: This is one of the greatest and most interesting documentary projects I have ever seen. A couple of 7 year old kids were visited and interviewed every 7 years. Every seven years they made a documentary about it and I've seen all parts so far. Together this project is called "The Up Series". At the time of this film the "kids" were 42. It makes you think about your own life and gives you an uncomfortable but valuable feeling for maybe the most precious things we will ever have: time.

Miguel R (kr) wrote: Kindergarten Cop is funny and enjoyable, but also silly and annoying

Jesse F (jp) wrote: Perkins, Hussey, Thomas and Pounder are a great cast. A very good way to end the Psycho saga.

Ruben C (jp) wrote: Absolutely hilarious! I've been a Zorro fan from Tyron Power to Antonio Banderas and this spoof is a classic with knee jerk humor. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their pants on too tight!

Martin T (fr) wrote: An extremely downbeat story, with one miserable episode after another, but always with a glimmer of hope for Gervaise. She's a Cabiria-like character, independent yet achingly vulnerable, and played expertly by Maria Schell (the rest of the cast is quite fine as well). It's also the best-looking Clement film I've seen yet, with the dingy Paris streets coming to life with naturalistic lighting and a roving camera. A powerful and engaging film.

Kristy V (gb) wrote: Great movie and cast. The Chicago fire scenes look great for the time it was made.

Ian S (kr) wrote: A salvage team think they've made the find of a lifetime, until they discover there's more on board than meets the eye.

KY S (kr) wrote: it's a very good movie i love the action ..

Ben S (es) wrote: Grunt's eye view of the pacific war. John Wayne is terrific as the tough sergeant whipping the new squad into shape. The film is solid until the last couple of minutes where the sentiment gets a little over the top. Real WW2 footage is spliced in to impressive effect.

John O (de) wrote: Anchorman plays basketball...without funny jokes and lame slapstick.

Dylan B (ca) wrote: This may be the worst movie I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of suffering through. A nonsensical plot combined with terrible humor and acting leads to a terrible cinema experience.I started checking my watch about 5 minutes into this mess of a film, and I couldn't wait for it to end. Thankfully my wish was granted, but not after enduring this drivel for almost 2 and a half hours (that I'll never get back.)Do not buy this movie. Do not rent this movie. DO NOT EVEN ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE AT NO COST. For no reason should you ever watch this garbage. I think I'd rather use pliers to cut my nails than watch this again.You've been warned.