A Carthaginian general attempts to cross the Alps with an army of elephants in order to conquer Rome.

After making his historic crossing of the Alps with elephants transporting supplies and troops, Hannibal marches on Rome in a war of revenge. During his advance, he captures Sylvia, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick B (kr) wrote: Working dog are never going to be able to top The Castle and you can tell they know this but this movie wasnt too bad espically for an Aussie film, pretty funny in parts had a great soundtrack and Josh Lawson was great i always knew he was going to make it big when I saw him on Thank God You're here.

Mohamed C (de) wrote: not bad at all wich it was better not a good story and a lot of fighting sceens

Alan C (au) wrote: Interesting film this one. It is essentially a stage play that has been filmed about a man who summons a demon to try and rescue the woman he loves from hell. Well worth watching with an interesting idea.

charles b (ag) wrote: Watch the trailer. It reveals the funniest bits. What a pity such a great cast is wasted in this feeble attempt to garner laughs. The concept is great but the execution is lacking...

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Kristen B (nl) wrote: Such a great movie! The music is awesome! I'm so excited to see this on stage!

Private U (jp) wrote: Un film que j'aurias rv faire...

Marianina S (nl) wrote: very boring, poor and unreal...Robert Downey Is really Great in this one but this is not enough

John R (us) wrote: 150702: This film made me reflective and sad. Great film but brings too much truth to light for me.

Victor M (kr) wrote: In my opinion "House of games" is a con film, too pretentious, and probably the premise that the viewer should be deceived too, is left aside. After the first intent from Mike to deceive Margaret, and when she insists to Mike to take a part in the next one, I understood immediately how the plot would be developed.

Senor C (gb) wrote: The Bronx have never look so tame when those would rather spray paint subway trains & dance then fight. If you have a love for those breakdancing days you're likely to enjoy more then me (Im a classic rock/metal head/old school punk myself for the most part). I do like the 80s though & remember the breakdancing rage. I even bought a mix tape once because I liked Rockit by Herbie Hancock but I couldn't helicopter to save my life & my WORM looked like a trout on the river bank. Anyways back to Beat Street. This movie is fucking bad. Fresh it ain't & too fucking long. Still doesn't detour me from wanting to see Breakin or Breakin 2 though even though I have no fucking idea what an Electric Boogaloo is

IOnell S (es) wrote: Pues a mi me ha gustado y me ha tocado. Penelope hace un buen trabajo y el mensaje de la peli es real

Ryan W (fr) wrote: Just a horrible and shameful horror sequel to one of the horror classics

Jeffrey P (it) wrote: While boasting an impressive cast - Paul "American Graffiti" LeMat, Nancy "Robocop" Allen, Wallace "My Dinner With Andre" Shawn, Louise "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Fletcher, Michael "Barton Fink" Lerner, June "Lost In Space" Lockhart and Kenneth "The Thing" Tobey - "Strange Invaders" never rises much above an affectionate but thinly-stretched tribute to 50s B-grade Sci-Fi. Unusual in that it focuses on the offspring of aliens and humans.