Hannie Caulder

Hannie Caulder

Hannie enlists the aid of bounty hunter Tom Price to teach her how to be a gunfighter so she can hunt down the 3 men who killed her husband and raped her.

After she is raped and her husband murdered a woman hires a bounty hunter to instruct her in the use of a gun so she can get her revenge on the 3 outlaws responsible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fong K (it) wrote: MTV-trite but can anyone actually resist such its sincerity unpretentiousness and aching bittersweetness? One of the best coming-of-age movies and surely one of the best from Taiwan.

Robert H (de) wrote: Mirrors 2 is far from a good movie but it does have its moments. There are several scenes of good suspense, good gore and good scares but much like the first film in the series, it tends to fall apart and lose the awesome potential that comes from "killers" in mirrors. Much like the first film, Mirrors 2 could have potentially been one of the scariest films of all time, instead it's much too much like the first film and nothing like it at the same time (if you see both you'll understand). While still enjoyable and surprisingly good for a direct to video sequel, Mirrors 2 will likely be forgotten in time.

Christo A (jp) wrote: It might be a bit late for me to watch this movie, since I only found out about it couple months ago, but It wasn't bad. I see a lot of potential in the Ben10 franchise to become as big as Avengers or Justice League, and this movie secures my point. Don't know why anyone hasn't paid attention to it. I haven't been following the Ben10 Ultimate Alien series that much, but I can see the resemblance. The actors are good picks for their respective characters and the action/CGI sequences were well done for a low budget movie like this. The plot is basic, though the movie's length and budget doesn't allow for much character development, but then again - it's Ben10, so fans are already familiar with most of the characters. I liked that they took inspiration from the TV series and used a modified Dodge Challenger as Kevin's car (ironically the car from the cartoon is visually based on the 2008 Dodge Challenger). The car chase sequences were adequate, but understandable considering the budget of the movie. I am a big Ben10-fan and my expectations weren't very high for this movie (again looking at the budget and marketing), but it exceeded it. Now if only we can get Cartoon Network to sell the Ben10 franchise to Marvel, and then watch it explode bigger than Avengers.

Amy H (au) wrote: This movie is like watching Stargate or something. Interesting twist during the movie, but the poor acting and the poor costume is a laugh.

Vicky M (br) wrote: 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi' is basically a story of two antithetical classes of society represented by two male protagonists, a socially conscious rich kid, Siddharth Tayabji(Kay Kay)and a financially challenged, ethically depraved poor kid, Vikram Malhotra(Shiney Ahuja). It depicts how social and financial statuses play a definitive role in the development of individuals and their priorities. Siddharth is an idealist who wants to change the world with his bare hands. Highly inspired by the Marxists school of teaching, he abandons the comfortable confines of his palatial home and sets out for a six month social service voyage to Bhojpur, Bihar; never to return back. Vikram, on the other hand is an extremely practical guy who won't mind stooping to any levels of integrity to achieve the lucre he has been devoid of all his life. The dictionary defines his state as suffering from Plutomania. Soon after college, he starts walking down the corridors of power and becomes a lobbyist working as a link between politicians who are looking for a quick buck and parties who have vested interests in interactions best described as 'under the table'. Stepping on many shoulders on his way, even Siddharth's at times, he attains what he set out for, pretty easily. He treats everyone like his personal Chewing Gum, masticating them long enough for his breath to be fresh and later throwing them away in pits he will never cross again when they grow tasteless. Joining these two fundamentally and principally extreme dots is Geeta(Chitrangda Singh), the delectable leading lady of the movie. Siddharth loves Geeta and Geeta loves him back but they can't be together as Siddharth turns into a hermitical armed bandit settled in Bihar playing Naxalite-Naxalite. So, what does Geeta do? She packs her bags and flies off to London, only to return after a 4 year gap with a drunker civil servant husband (low in rank but gradually moving upwards - that's how her husband, played by Ram Kapoor, introduces himself). The marriage looks brittle and is broken into shards one fateful evening, when, in his drunken stupor, hubby dear rapes wifey dear. The repercussions of the incident; she divorces him with the help of Vikram. Looked like a happily ever after for the two, but as Vikram puts it, not every story has an happily ever after 'cause every story has its Siddharth. Much to his dismay, she still nurtures feelings for Siddharth so strong that she does not mind joining him in his struggle to end the state sponsored oppression of the poor in downtrodden Bihar. Not only does she champion his cause but also marries him and bears him a son. She teaches in an anarchist village and he is on the run for being a bon-a-fide card holder of a banned outfit. Everything about them grinds down to struggle, even finding a safe place to satisfy their conjugal needs is a struggle. Struggle is like a stick on which their candy floss like story is woven aesthetically. Ditto for Vikram, his illustrious rags-to-riches story is undermined by the void created by Geeta's absence. Time and again he proves his love for her by unconditionally helping her in times of need. On one occasion, he even puts his life on the line for her. Even his life is a struggle, a struggle for the pursuit of true love. What makes this dystopian saga of revolutionary politics work is the clever use of philosophical undertones in the plot. The down to earth, level headed narrative with no Bollywoody melodrama and the epistolary theme exploited with great panache to describe the scenarios and the struggle of the protagonists give the movie a classical edge. These missives are accompanied by personal commentaries which end up painting a 3-dimensional panoramic view of the complicated milieu that confronts the protagonists routinely like the early morning call of a Hen. The narrative is such that you are moved to a level of spiritual calm if you let yourself flow with the current. When it comes to the unfurling of the plot this movie turns into a polychromatic, awe-inspiring, spiritual joy ride, one should not miss. The end as expected, is not very happy, maybe because endless hope and eminent despair lead to only one thing, self destruction. One reaches a breaking point after which if they survive, they have to gather some workable pieces, leave the past behind and start life again with those fragments. Something very similar happens to Geeta, Vikram and Siddharth. What is left of them is a surreal calmness that comes with resignation to fate and failure.

Sameer V (nl) wrote: I'm just sad that someone with as much comedic talent as Damon Wayans would ever have to do a paycheck movie like this... One hilarious bit of trivia from IMDb: When Chris Rock got the script and the part of Dr. S, he turned it down and later said that the script was so bad, he would be happier receiving a packet of Anthrax instead, LOL!

Frank D (nl) wrote: Overly protective fathers, insecure boyfriends, and a whole lot of ridiculously uncomfortable familial interactions. Sounds about right. De Niro and Stiller were great.

Cody L (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies of the 90s with an excellent soundtrack.

Ryan K (es) wrote: This is so unwatchable, tasteless, and ugly that it works.

Fevi Y (nl) wrote: gzel bir genlik filmi

Jason K (it) wrote: awesome hidden movie that most people seem to overlook

Simeon M (fr) wrote: Fire Birds is desperately trying to be as cool as Top Gun. But it fails in two main ways: The F-14 Fighter Jet is much cooler than the Apache Helicopter, and Tom Cruise is far superior to Nicolas Cage. That scene where Nic Cage is dominating in the helicopter videogame and singing/yelling "I am the greatest! I AM the GREATEST!" was hilariously bad.But it's not all bad. Tommy Lee Jones is excellently cast as the flight instructor, he has some great throwaway lines. And the end fight sequence is pretty enjoyable. It's interesting to see a movie that tried to follow in the footsteps of the ironic Top Gun, even though it failed miserably.

Bethany C (it) wrote: I think these tales had such potential, and they used gore and monsters that were typical for the late 80s, early 90s. But they really missed the potential. Take the second tale for example. They were so close to having a story that was a perfect metaphor for death from old age or natural causes, and the scene with the cat crawling in and out of his mouth squandered it.It was entertaining enough, though that's not saying much from me. I'm easily entertained. But it was thoroughly unimpressive, with cheesy monsters and too-conclusive endings. The ending to the "framing" story of the boy boring. All in all, it showed potential but squandered and followed through too expectedly to be at all successful.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Much like the creepiness of Blind Mountain (2007), a man goes to a rural village in search for rare bugs, and finds himself trapped in a sand valley in a house and a lonely woman. What ensues is a battle of wits, as the villagers do not want him to leave, but he has to try and escape. Featuring an invasive musical score and plenty of underscored eroticism, it feels like a fever dream instead of a drama. The slow decline of the hero's willingness to leave will haunt viewers, showing the futility of one's surroundings when one gets complacent.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Can't think of anything positive to say.

Andrew B (au) wrote: Carlito's Way is probably what Scarface 2 would have looked like if Tony Montana did not get blown away at the end of Scarface. Although there seems to be similarities between the movies on the surface, Carlito's Way offers a much better movie than Scarface. We got Al Pacino in the role of an out of prison gangster who is trying his hardest to stay straight and abide by the law. Usually characters that are in this situation are saying that, but in reality are really trying to still scheme and be a criminal, that is not the case here. Carlito is honestly trying to do the right thing for once in his life, but keeps getting brought down by the people that he associates himself with, mainly his greasy scumbag lawyer played brilliantly by Sean Penn. This is a really good movie and should be the movie that is heralded for Brian DePalma, and not Scarface, which in the end was a silly movie. Carlito's Way is worth a watch for sure.

Scott M (jp) wrote: The dialog wasn't believable. No one talks like these people in real life. Or maybe they do but I don't want to hear it. Natalie in her underwear was kind of cool but couldn't help this dull movie.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: Makes an effort but runs out of steam at the half-way mark.