Hansie: A True Story

Hansie: A True Story

"How do you start over once you have betrayed a nation's trust?" The news of Hansie Cronjé's involvement with Indian bookmakers and his resulting public confession rocked the international ...

"How do you start over once you have betrayed a nation's trust?" The news of Hansie Cronjé's involvement with Indian bookmakers and his resulting public confession rocked the international ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sukhjit S (ru) wrote: Very funny movie must watch

Jehangir A (gb) wrote: quite entertaining.. not your typical bollywood movie.. a good watch!!

Tucker J (es) wrote: One of the best concert films I've ever seen.

Dan M (us) wrote: Creepy movie indeed.. can't really say much else, but I gotta say I was definitely feeling the freaky vibe going on with this one. Nowhere on the same level as The Shining or The Exorcist but far better than those Paranormal Activity movies.

Paul C (br) wrote: Powerful, moving drama

Karsh D (ru) wrote: Gritty jackie chan drama. Goes in search of his girlfriend but gets dragged into gang warfare in the process.

Kym c my community profile R (fr) wrote: Watched maybe half hour to hour of it. (2 hrs 15 minutes so the envelope said) Turned it off. I've seen better HOME movies than this. I think with a few others I could make a better movie than this. Not to mention the acting is questionable, It would give an insult to movies that get F's this is not even worth an F- ! but being that's the least amount grade.. I have to insult all the other F graded movies that are better than this. A little info.. Basically The Italian Vampire Mob.. UGH! OF what I watched was garbage The Movie Poster/dvd cover for it looked better! The description sounded more interesting but the movie doesn't seem to me to be the actual plot as what I watched in the movie. Those who 'like' this.. You are cursed to go blind. This is true Crap.

Justin H (mx) wrote: I really wanted to like this film more than I did. "2LDK" had its moments, to be sure, but the predictability of a LOT of the scenes/twists (including the ending), really dragged it down for me. As did the uneven progression of the fighting--the two roommates would often go from assaults obviously meant to be deadly and directly to those that are downright silly, then back again. That really took me out of the whole "murderous rage" side of things. Still, "2LDK" isn't a bad movie, it just wasn't as engaging as I thought it would be.

Dylan M (de) wrote: Holes is a childhood classic that is performed well upon with young Shia Lebeouf. The movie is close to identicall to the book, and shows its great story during the whole movie with a happy ending.

Darren C (ru) wrote: what do you do when you fall in love with a porn star? you go work for the company and fluff the object of your desire, only of course porn isn't real and our object is not what he seems; he only fucks other guys for money; argh! that doesn't stop him fucking with our heads and using us. oh the sexual ambiguity, the childhood abuse, what complexity is our sexuality.


Jane L (au) wrote: One of my all-time favorite comedies.

Jacob L (us) wrote: Great movie. 10 out of 10

Tanner L (ru) wrote: I watched this piece of crap movie for ten minutes and wanted the aliens to win. How am I supposed to like characters who go to a dog fight? One of the worst written movies I've seen. The entire movie is one long stereotype of American soldiers.

The Movie G (jp) wrote: Hilarious and stupid at the same time and VERY raunchy. The Wayne's brothers are good with their movies.

Shahriare R (kr) wrote: in a time when the zombie thing has got so worn out, The Returned comes up with an unexpectedly original and intriguing plot, intertwining a never before thought social, psychological and emotional prospect of it..

Carlos Z (es) wrote: Quite funny and poignant