Hantu jamu gendong

Hantu jamu gendong

Kafka never believe in ghost, but somehow he always gets the chance to see the ghost with her medicine basket thinking that she's human.

Kafka never believe in ghost, but somehow he always gets the chance to see the ghost with her medicine basket thinking that she's human. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ching T (fr) wrote: was a US indie documentary part of a triology about an American cinematographer who's shooting amateur porn who interferes/interacts too much with his actors and alters the chemistry of the crew by falling for his female lead. This bored the hell out of me. Plus, the lead actors were plain Janes - brown, mousy, rail thin - nothing short of ordinary. I left early so I can't comment on this. Just a lot of superfluous drama over long shots of minutia. Yawn!

Matt L (nl) wrote: Peyton Marino, the greatest Colts/Dolphins QB there is, haha.

Sam W (ru) wrote: Gruesome, with gratuitous violent sex scenes and rape. Men attack breasts with their hands as if they were the jammed controls of a runaway train. Not very fun to watch, and not sure there's a point to it all except perhaps a convoluted statement about emasculated Japanese manhood. Billed as a dark comedy, but not funny (even darkly).

Erika K (ca) wrote: Very slow, very Storyline 101... but I still think Nikki Blonsky could have a good future ahead of her!

Tegan D (it) wrote: Definitely a C grade movie... However they do get points for trying hard and some moments...

jesse m (ru) wrote: This is the big budget equivalent of watching a boy playing with his toys for two hours. It's bereft of actual storytelling, character development, or care for that matter. The director is literally a man-child run amok.

BLAIR B (jp) wrote: O_O OMG!!!!! Must See I Love the one armed swords man lawls

Keith C (gb) wrote: Pretty abysmal, but its inanity is occasionally charming.

Debbie K (es) wrote: I fell in love with this movie when I was 14 years old and loved it since.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Quality Italian production of an American gangster tale of Cassavetes being double crossed and then robbing a mob owned Vegas casino. A major strength of the film is a better cast than you usually get with Italian productions of the era, with Cassavetes, Peter Falk, Britt Ekland, Gabriele Ferzetti, and Gena Rowlands in a great small supporting part. Nice score by Ennio Morricone and nice footage of vintage 1960s Vegas. Not as smart or stylish as "Point Blank" but definitely in that vein and well worth watching if your'e a fan of 60s crime dramas.

Karen B (us) wrote: it was hard to watch, but I'm a better person for having done it. I think.

John C (gb) wrote: Cusack is versatile in his ways, gracefully blending his charming personality with humor. Serendipity's statement on fate is so unbelievably beautiful, tugging at your heart strings from beginning to end.

Michael R (gb) wrote: A failure for certain but, at least they tried.

Kelli F (mx) wrote: It is dark, revolting, and powerful. Although this movie may not make you feel great, it makes you feel very powerful and dark emotions, to elicit such an emotional reaction is an accomplishment in itself. Due to its horrific nature and ungodly length it took me about three sittings to actually complete the movie in its entirety, worth a watch if you aren't too easily rattled.

Anna P (us) wrote: it will keep you curious who to trust...