Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

While his wife impatiently waits and gets drunk, a husband tries to get the appropriate anniversary gifts and fight his way home through traffic in time for their celebratory lunch.

A woman is preparing a romantic dinner for two for her and her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Her husband is out running a series of errands, most of his stops to pick up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Happy Anniversary torrent reviews

Ahmed J (ca) wrote: At first I was like what a load of boring shit then at minute 25 I was like it should have ended there what an idiot then I had water in my eyes at the end.

Jesse F (us) wrote: Meester and Kelly do their best but the plot is intentionally misleading as a sleazy fright-free thriller.

Roddy W (us) wrote: A stunning performance from Con O'Neill as record producer Joe Meek in this comic tragedy biopic. Aside from O'Neill (who surely deserves an award for this) the film is superbly cast with a mixture of British comic talent, TV stalwarts, and Hollywood stars.

Paul K (br) wrote: This film made such a deep impression the first time round that we started watching it again having forgotten we'd already seen it. The plot outline should be fine, if a bit fairy tale. The script is awful though, as the characters aren't given actions that bear out their positions. A great cast is wasted here. Some laughs, often about stuff that isn't really funny, and an unrealistic portrayal of the urban NY lifestyle. A bit of a waste of time, sadly.

Gabriel K (br) wrote: The movie's subject matter is very dark and downbeat, but somehow the director manages to make a romantic comedy out of it. As bizarre as it may sound, it actually works. There were several scenes where I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time... I guess that's the idea of a black comedy.

Jasmine C (nl) wrote: Hilarious and Funny! Definitely would watch again, and again!

Marsha C (us) wrote: despite some clumsly direction this excellently acted, scripted movie. subtle and moving.

Philip S (es) wrote: Very Canadian-looking film, if you get me. Paul Gross is in it, Maury Chaykin plays an eccentric and Jennifer Dale takes her top off. Yup, about as typically Canadian as it gets. Don't recall it being much good.

Jake Z (jp) wrote: It's not my favorite David Lynch film, but it remains a nightmarishly beautiful near-masterpiece of sensual cinema.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Stupid, dumb and plot less this film is one of the worst excuses for comedy that I have ever seen.

Martin T (ag) wrote: An odd little murder mystery. A naive sailor enlists a dancehall girl to help track down the killer of a woman he barely knew... and the killer might be himself. The film has an unusual pace and tone to it, almost wistfully philosophical at times. The quest for answers becomes a journey through New York misery, as nearly everyone they encounter has some kind of trouble of their own. The script by Clifford Odets (whose talents were an immeasurable asset to Clash By Night and Sweet Smell of Success) is loaded with idiosyncratic little gems... like the way the cabbie keeps saying "statistics tell us...". There's also a very sly, tongue-in-cheek reference to It's A Wonderful Life, in which Al Bridge (who played the sherriff in IAWL) says something like "you're headed for a grave in Potter's Field". Susan Hayward and Paul Lukas both have compelling screen presence, but Bill Williams lays on the golly-gee innocence a little too thick for my tastes. I'm not really sure what to make of this movie, to be honest. It's not so out there that I would call it "weird", but it definitely has a different flavor to it. It's not great, but it's interesting.

Tim M (gb) wrote: "Disturbia" is a tense, supremely entertaining thriller that succeeds almost entirely due to the tremendous efforts of Shia LaBeouf. He truly holds the film together.

Anson H (gb) wrote: The main characters are still fine but teen peaches was just so annoying and cliche. But this movies best part is the new characters like granny and the pirates. Granny would be the best ice age character if Buck did not exist, all the pirates were unique and funny and the villain was actually ok, and I liked Lewis. There were some funny moments but it's mostly laugh free and plot is weird. But when all else fails... know and believe... That Scrat... is... AWESOME. Over all it's a very ok movie.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Patryk F (kr) wrote: i enjoyed this movie :)