Happy Days Motel

Happy Days Motel

By chance some surreal characters arrive at the Happy Days Motel taking their grotesque stories.

At once a classic road movie, a contemporary noir mystery and a surreal, acid-infused comedy. At the center of the story, we find an ordinary guy named Balti, toiling away for a strange ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DA Z (ru) wrote: What a gorgeously nasty little film. I never doubted Darren Lynn Bousman for a second. The Devil's Carnival, its sequel, and REPO: The Genetic Opera have all been gold, and it's nice seeing Bousman step out and make a serious and hauntingly poetic film. I truly do not understand all the negativity towards it. It's a b-horror film and should be judged as such. Bousman is outlandish and always satirical. Abattoir has incredible plot development, a lucidly fun climax, and a brutal finale that fits the tone of the film perfectly. This is what good horror looks like.

Nick U (es) wrote: 7/20/15 Amazon VideoA beautifully acted morality play with a strong message about war, peace and eventually respect if not love. Can be a bit slow at times and the conflict is not easily understood by a westerner, but the theme is universal. No wonder it scored a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination.

Jean Jacques T (gb) wrote: C'est film comme un pisode de NCIS et c'est chiche en barbaque mais il y a des Piranhas gants moudjahidines donc ce n'est pas totalement nul...

vas h (ag) wrote: My type of movie about a introverted girl obsessed with space who crashes her car and kills a mother, her unborn child and her son, but the father survives... she goes to jail for 4 yearsand becomes a cleaner once released. She then becomes close to the father by losing as a cleaner

Amanda W (us) wrote: Different/Weird/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...

Matthew S (au) wrote: An altogether unique meditation on love that becomes almost hypnotic thanks to the stylistic and off-centered approach to cinematic storytelling.

Jim H (gb) wrote: This is a two-part film, one story about the racial tensions that result when a creative writing student has a tryst with her professor and the other about a documentarian trying to film an unstable teenager.In every sense this is a Todd Solondz film: the long shots and silences, the out-of-place characters, and the cringe comedy. But of all the Solondz films I've seen, I think this is my favorite. The characters are more finely drawn, and even though the themes are opaque, like most of his work, there seems to be more cohesiveness to this effort. I also really enjoyed the performances in the first segment, especially by Selma Blair and Leo Fitzpatrick.The film's main flaw is the opacity of the themes. Why do these two stories belong together? Is Solondz trying to say something about how thin the line is between fact and fiction? I'm not sure.Overall, I liked this film even though there are significant aspects that remain unclear.

Josh T (ag) wrote: this movie is a class b movie with a stellar staff

Shane V (kr) wrote: While traveling the world with his wife a man is bitten by a werewolf. With his wife dead and his life in ruins, Ted decides to move back to the U.S. to be with his sister Janet and her son Brett, hoping to cure the curse that has befallen him. But Thor, Janet's German Shepherd, is more than aware of Ted's curse and intends to protect his family no matter what. I was actually a bit surprised by this one. I expected much less than what I received quality-wise. Not to say this is a great film in the least, but the negative hype is over-the-top. It's a decent little story, despite starting out in the so-campy-it's-past-cliche opening. But even that scene was done decently. The real problem with this film is the acting and the script. They're each only half-good, and they only insult one another. Either a good line is spoken poorly, or a bad line is spoken better than it deserves. Mariel Hemingway feels like she's really phoning in her performance most of the time, and Brett (Dennis The Menace's Mason Gamble) barely has a character at all. But Michael Pare does a pretty good job as Ted. And I know this because the character was flip-floppily written and he did well anyway. The werewolf left a bit to be desired, but it wasn't any worse than the other non-CG werewolves. It was a bit frightening. The actual effects were also only half-good, as there were only two real instances and only one was decent. I could really feel there was so much depth to the characters that wasn't explored due to the poor acting and script, as this was based on a book. Do I really need to ask if it's a bad thing that the dog does better than two of the three actors? It was an interesting idea, making the dog more or less the main character, but like the rest of the film they really only put forth half of the effort. At times you could really feel for the Thor (actually named Primo), but they never really went the distance with the concept. And coming it at only about 90 minutes, it's not such a bad werewolf/horror film. Compared to anything else it's trash, but what horror film isn't? Overall it's a short little werewolf tension-builder that is defused by the half-good acting and script. The werewolf suit was decent for a 90's flick, and the werewolf himself really brought his best to the part and it showed. But the characters just aren't fleshed out enough, the scares are minimal and fleetingly effective, so we really have to rely on the dog to show everyone how it's done. And it had a nice little ending as well. So from me, "Bad Moon" gets 4 ass-kicking German Shepherds out of 10. "What did you do, spit in his Alpo?" "He just knows an old dog when he sees one."

Andrew B (it) wrote: In the midst of the up and coming west coast "gangsta" rap music phenomenon that was about to sweep across America is popularity, Boyz in the Hood takes you to the place that these songs are written about. All people from the suburbs know of South Central LA is what NWA and Snoop Dogg have told you about it in their albums. Sounds kind of grimy and rugged, but in a cool and tough guy sort of way, right? John Singleton takes that thought that is bobbing in your head and puts a bullet right through it. This is a devastating look at what most young men in the Los Angeles ghetto have to deal with on a daily basis. Just walking from a picnic down the street to your house, not even a block away you have to worry about someone driving by and opening up fire on you. Not just a couple random shots from a handgun, but from an automatic military rifle, because of course you did something for them to cause this behavior, right? Wrong again, they are shooting at you and trying to end your life because you may be wearing the wrong colors or maybe they just don't like your neighborhood for some unknown reason. What Singleton does with this movie is great, because up until Boyz in the Hood gang violence was glorified in music. There is no glorification in this movie at all. If you come away from watching this movie thinking it is cool to be "hood" or live in the "ghetto" you have to immediately have your head examined, because you have lost your mind. A harrowing look at not only how violence and gangs have an effect on the people involved in this criminal activity, but also how it effects the people around them, their family and friends. We get a unique look from all perspectives in this movie. From the mother and father to the gangbanger and the do good star football player athlete and they are all stuck in the hell they are forced to call home. There is a very poignant scene at the end of this movie where Dough Boy played by Ice Cube just kind of shakes his head and realizes people get killed every single day in their area and no one will ever hear about it or even know about it. He is not mad at this realization, he has accepted this fact and has come to terms with it. Which is sad in its own right.

LuEllen B (es) wrote: OMG ... Death by firefly!! Jodie Foster Rocks!! ;)

Andy G (br) wrote: Bag Man is a good suspense thriller about a guy holding a bag till this rich guy shows up to claim the bag. I like alot good twists and turns in this movie. Very good, cast John Cusack Robert De Niro and Crispin Glover, and Dominic Purcell. It takes elements from other movies like identity and seven and mix them together. B+ (2013)

Caitlin L (it) wrote: The original was better.

Audrey C (fr) wrote: Eh. It was okay. I did cry and it was pretty true to the book.