Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

A college student relives the day of her murder over and over again as she tries to discover her killer's identity.

The movie tells the story of a college student who is murdered on her birthday and wakes up in the bed of another student. Now she must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer S (ag) wrote: Great movie for all age!

Indike W (ca) wrote: I found this a rather strange movie about relationships which intertwined and had a basic connection in the end, but proved to go nowhere really. The only reason I picked this up was 'cos I saw Banks' name in the cast list and also a few other familiar names. This did, however, win an award at the Phoenix Film Festival, so I'd say it wasn't really that much of a disaster, but still strange. I just didn't like it how there wasn't real closure to some character plots and some of them just disappeared after a certain build-up. It's OK to watch when you're bored at home, but not worth making time for.

Philippe C (de) wrote: Fantastic, road movie, initiatic travel, generation conflict, Islam in the culture of young french arabs, everything so well described. Very well played, moving, you'll have to cry and to laugh. An extraordinary approach of the path to maturity! Bravo!

Ross W (au) wrote: how could one not like it, funny and touching

kevin s (nl) wrote: It kinda made me feel yucky (there is a really perverted, "sleazy" tone to the movie) but I was actually surprised by how suspenseful the last thirty minutes are. Overall, I'd recommend it.

Spencer H (ca) wrote: It's fun, and much better than Halloween III, but it could have been better and lacked scares like the first film.

Allison B (au) wrote: Cute for the family, suprised this on tv, was pretty decent for it's time. Problem is that it really have the Star wars magic except for the ewoks. I don't like the story to much, Eric Walker and his horrible acting distracted me from actually enjoying this. Of course I was so pleased to see Wicket!

Robert W (ag) wrote: People often misunderstand this movie. It's basically an introduction to Zen and Doaist philosophy. A lot of the movie is campy on purpose and it's to make a point. Sure some action had to be thrown in - it was originally written by Bruce Lee after all. I wonder sometime however if Lee would have been right for the part. In the end it's a fun little movie that introduces a lot of Western audiences to Eastern philosophy. Take it for a cheesy little jewel it is.

Brian C (nl) wrote: A great 1950's low-budget b-horror gem from American International Pictures studios. This is one of my favorites from the 50's! About a modern descendant of the Frankenstein family who takes up the family business, so to speak, by putting a teenage carwreck victim back together in his basement lab "complete with its own power generator, cold storage and Alligator pit. The make-up job on the monster is some of the most gruesome of any classic Frankenstein film. A really fun, campy little drive-in era treat. Trivia: This film inspired the song "Teenage Frankenstein" by shock rock legend Alice Cooper. The song appeared on the soundtrack of "Friday 13th Part 6 - Jason Lives!".

Gregory W (es) wrote: creepy ok B movie fare