Happy End

Happy End

A dark comedy about a murder and its consequences presented in a backwards manner, where death is actually a rebirth. The film starts with an "execution" of the main protagonist and goes back to explore his previous actions and motivations.

A dark comedy about a murder and its consequences presented in a backwards manner, where death is actually a rebirth. The film starts with an "execution" of the main protagonist and goes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (es) wrote: This was ridiculous. Poorly done. Bad edit points. Editing synch was off with vocal track in points. Bad monologue. Bad dialogues with loose development. Poor acting sans Mr. McDowell. Everyone needs coaching. The plot blew around like a sail with holes. It was uncomfortable to watch. It should of had Justin Timberlake- that would of been better.They had a carpet python on the carpet... Um. They had the same scene twice shot from two different angles with different dialogue.The story took a trip into la la land when the main character had a telepathic moment with Satan & a youth group as angels & demons.They even went to "YOU WANT THE TRUTH, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" on the stand. Ugh.They should pay people to watch it & let Mystery Science Theater 3000 roast it. CineFamily in NoHo should definitely roast it.

Zachary T (ru) wrote: It had a few good moments, but the simple characters and humor didn't do much for me. Amid the fart jokes, there are several dark moments that are ugly to watch with young kids.

Armando P (ag) wrote: Filled with humor and nostalgia.

Eric P (ca) wrote: Horror lol maybe for the religious nuts i mean they have no real scares and most of the film is just the Church Father(Bruce Davison) talking bout sin and such

Mattias E (de) wrote: As a documentary it's very unorthodox and perhaps a bit confusing. Abel Ferrara has a weird habit of interrupting the interviewees with his own drunken ramblings. The Vietman story included was very touching though.

Payeyo G (fr) wrote: Sweet coming of age story about love and perseverance. Keri Russell, looking more beautiful that ever, makes the perfect dream girl with a heart of gold...Go! Nerds Go!

Logan M (jp) wrote: "Dead Man" is a mostly enjoyable, brilliantly dark western with excellent performances.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Story moved along slowly in the beginning, but it got better as it unfolded.

Todd N (br) wrote: Great 80's flick! no one was hotter than a young Kelly Preston. Lori Laughlin wasn't there yet with her beauty. Fred Ward is hilarious as are all the parents in the movie.I don't know why this one doesn't get mentioned among the great 80's movies. I don't know why people (or at least the media) love "the Breakfast Club", even "Fast Times" isn't that great.

Peter B (nl) wrote: I'll get punched by Bill Bailey here but......Hawk the slayers rubbish!!!!!

Todd S (jp) wrote: More than forty years after it was made, the name Serpico is still synonymous with heroism. The multiple award winner features arguably one of the most successful actors and directors to ever grace the silver screen, but was Frank Serpico really a hero? Frank Serpico (Al Pacino) wanted nothing more than to be a police officer in New York, but once he gets there, he finds that things aren't as he'd hoped. The department is full of corrupt cops, but Serpico wants no part of it. He has no intention of turning them in, but when he won't take the money, everyone just assumes he already did, making Frank a target that has to act in order to save his own life. At first this film seems like just another police tale, that's been blown way out of portion by Hollywood, so why is it considered one of the top 100 films ever made? The combination of Al Pacino's infectious personality and Sidney Lumet's methodical and innovative story telling. At the time Serpico was made, Al Pacino was the brightest star in Hollywood and for good reason, he just has a way of getting people behind whatever character and project he's associated with. As for Lumet, he is known as an innovative director for simply trying things that everyone had available to them. Lumet uses different angles and close ups to make things more intense and exciting, as well as methodically going deeper into the story. It's this combination that made Serpico much more than simply another cop movie and a film that should be seen by all movie lovers.

Joanna J (jp) wrote: polish beloved one! absolute classic comedy! enjoyed by every generation since it was made:) almost 40 yrs now!

Matheus C (ca) wrote: It was quite seductive to watch this colourful concoction projected on the cinema screen in a beautifully restored print. It has the fluff and exuberance of an MGM musical standing on the legs of the usual Renoir social commentary and his view on the bourgeois and the world of the arts. This is supported by the fact that a fairly banal love story is followed by an incredibly exhilarating cancan final sequence: after all, why should we be so concerned with things so mundane such as romantic entanglements when dancing brings you so much more joie de vivre?

Alicia C (de) wrote: Tell the truth, I watched this with a rather Mulvian expectation of either being offended by the blatent objectification of women, to be unimpressed by the thinness of plot, to be gnarly at the symbolic rape of showgirls by the phallic camera. Surprisingly, I actually found it funny. And quite entertaining. And really - quite harmless, considering how contemporary depictions of women can be much, much, much worse. At least Berkeley doesn't pretend that the core of this musical isn't making a spectacle out of women - "Tell the truth, you go to see those beautiful dames." The dames in question are simperingly sweet and docile, malleable and clambering for male approval, but I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a varied number of body types, some of them truly quite corpulent, none of them skinny and most of them certainly considered excessively ample by today's standards. The showtunes are memorable, and though the storyline is littered with cliched gags, overall it somehow works. Patriarchy has never been this harmless, or this toe-tappingly catchy.

EunKi H (gb) wrote: I enjoyed watching this Korean movie, Unforgiven. Before I watched it, I didn't expect it to be a good movie. The moive shows a Korean solider, who tries to change a circumstance of the Korean army. If Korean men don't have physically or mentally problems to serve the military, they have to serve to the military for 26 month. Since a Korean man goes to the military, he meets all defferent types of people and circumstancs. If someone wants to see the Korean army, I strongly recomend you. You'd love it.