Happy Family

Happy Family

A blocked screenwriter, Ezio (Fabio De Luigi), is trying to finish a story about two off-kilter families thrown together when their teenage children announce they’re getting married. So Ezio writes himself into the story with a romantic part—a development his characters welcome, as they’ve got some ideas of their own for bigger and better roles.

Academy award-winning veteran director Gabriele Salvatores (Mediterraneo) delivers a colourful tongue-in-cheek... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha J (fr) wrote: It was an okay movie, but the acting is horrible!

Curtis B (us) wrote: Depressing ending but well worth the ride it takes to get there. HBO really does no wrong.

Yash B (kr) wrote: A sweet and down to earth short. You see how its going to turn out early on but it has the technological edge due to how great it is visually.

Angela H (ca) wrote: This is a beautifully created documentary on the life of Walt Disney. One thing that's great about this DVD is that you get to see home movies of Walt, and enjoy an enchanting talk with his daughter.

Toni S (nl) wrote: Classic animation for a classic modern novel...but graphics may seem rather crude now that 60+ years have passed.

Will L (gb) wrote: 'From Dusk Till Dawn' is an amusingly schlocky B-movie that lets the audience in on the joke, but never gives them an idea of where the story is going. It's also one of Quentin Tarantino's better performances (though there isn't much competition), and he and Rodriguez are clearly working together in perfect harmony.

Valria V (ca) wrote: Intense drama, strong and obsessivo.Great performances.

Dryorophus (kr) wrote: Recommended by RaptrosDragon

Kenny M (ru) wrote: Another fun little B-movie from the 80s. Features Jeffrey Combs in a small role in the beginning. A comic book artist unknowingly unleashes some kind of demon/creature, but he manages to destroy the monster, while killing himself in the process. 30 years later, a new comic book artist, Whitney, accidentally brings it back to life to continue its bloody killing spree. The acting is what you would expect, pretty bad. But it does have a pretty cool decapitation scene. It also co stars Yvonne De Carlo (The Munsters).

Mike T (it) wrote: good chic flick.. guy bonus demi moore pre-boobjob

Anna B (es) wrote: Seemingly a pretty typical Alan Parker movie: good elements overwhelmed by cheese and melodrama with a completely absurd, abrupt ending. My favourite thing was probably the way it demonstrates how stupid drug sentencing laws are, and how they turn people who made one bad decision into hardened criminals just through their attempts to survive prison. So dumb.

Daryl K (fr) wrote: A portrait of noble self-destruction, displayed with all the depravity, seediness and violence that can entail. In other words, director Sam Peckinpah's life story, pretty much. If 'The Wild Bunch' is about the death of the kind of bold, honorable men the Old West was romanticized for, 'Alfredo Garcia' is about the death of the soul under the yoke of commercialism.

visitorQ S (jp) wrote: Mario Bava war ein echtes Genie. Auch dieser Film ist wahrscheinlich in irgend einer kleinen Schulaula gedreht worden, doch das Ergebnis ist wie beinahe immer verblffend genial. Was Bava mit Licht & Schatten, Nebel und Pappmasch so geschaffen hat ist einfach groartig. Die Geschichte in Vampire gegen Herakles ist auerdem auch noch ziemlich cool: (imba) Herkules muss alle mglichen Aufgaben bestehen und gegen bse Fiecher antreten um seine groe Liebe zu retten. Seine rgsten Widersacher sind evil knievel Vampire, Steinmonster und ein ultra fieser Christopher Lee. Zusammenfassend kann man also sagen, dass Vampire gegen Herakles ganz groes Kino ist und jeder der anderes behauptet hat einfach keine Ahnung und wird von Herkules selbst ein paar auf die Omme bekommen. gute 3,5/5

Duane B (nl) wrote: A break from romantic follies which called for serious acting talents. Cary Grant is paired with Irene Dunne yet again! They go together well but seem to have forgotten it in theis film.

Niels S (jp) wrote: 1 1/2 ud af 5 dde ker. Aldrig har s mange gode skuespillere spildt s meget af min tid med s ringe en historie. Glem den.