Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy

Family is the most important thing in the world to Kaja. She is an eternal optimist in spite of living with a man who would rather go hunting with the boys, and who refuses to have sex with her because she "isn't particularly attractive" anymore. Whatever. That's life. But when "the perfect couple" moves in next door, Kaja struggles to keep her emotions in check. Not only do these successful, beautiful, exciting people sing in a choir; they have also adopted a child – from Ethiopia! These new neighbors open a new world to Kaja, with consequences for everyone involved. And when Christmas comes around, it becomes evident that nothing will ever be like before – even if Kaja tries her very best.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Norwegian,Danish,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   fight,   drunkenness,  

Family is the most important thing in the world to Kaja. She is an eternal optimist in spite of living with a man who would rather go hunting with the boys, and who refuses to have sex with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leif N (it) wrote: If The Remains of the Day were French and somewhat less effective, it would be Mademoiselle Chambon. Regardless, a terrific turn by Sandrine Kiberlain.

Jenine L (es) wrote: Great story and awesome acting! I could almost relate to what Matty was going through and feeling at times. Matty is another do-it-all mother of 3 who found love unexpectedly. I must say, however, I was sad when Matty was telling her daughter how much she and her husband were in love in the beginning...but not it turned into something else. Goooood movie.

Sierra H (jp) wrote: Mediocre movie, good soundtrack. Macaulay Culkin was creepy and the both the boyfriends were douchebags, especially the homophobic one. The ending was pretty disappointing, too.

Patrice F (gb) wrote: Wow! Haven't seen this film in ages. But recall that the story really touched me. Caught it on Sundance Channel, so I recorded it.

David V (nl) wrote: well it is based on a true story I think what she plays the part really well

Heather M (gb) wrote: This was a great spoof of a wonderful story. Nielsen and MacNiccol were wonderful to watch.

Cody C (br) wrote: Way better than you'd expect. The cinematography and sets are fantastic, and Berkley does the best she can with the role. Really puts her all into it.

Ashley T (br) wrote: I knew I was in trouble when the flick opened with a painfully obvious voiceover from Mark Harmon's character, harping on how much he missed Jodie Foster's character. We never really find out a whole lot about either of them or their relationship to each other. I only bought the movie because I like "baseball movies," and the title caught my eye when I was browsing the bargin bin at the grocery store. There are only two baseball scenes in this tired old movie, and both of them are shot in such a way that I was left wondering what happened. Sure, our hero won both games, I know that's all I'm supposed to care about, but as a baseball fan, I was left wondering how. We only see Harmon running the bases, and we never see where the ball is. Even Jodie Foster couldn't save this dreck with her small number of scenes. The overacting is so unbearable, I had to follow my viewing with a long midday nap.

Jennifer R (mx) wrote: I love the movies that Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier did together, I never get tired of watching them.

Michael K (it) wrote: A Kazakhstani action movie! I must say if they make more like these I will be watching them. The dubbing is excellent and sometimes unintentionally very comical. Good job though.

Jens T (ca) wrote: She Done Him Wrong is the story about a New York bawdy singer, Lady Lou (Mae West) who works in pub, for a rich man who gives her all the diamonds she could ask for. But she also has a husband in jail. But she's also tangled up in all the organized crime that is going on. But an undercover cop, named Cummings (Cary Grant) is hired an one of the bar workers, and of course Lou finds him interesting, This movie is famous because it was the breakthrough role that made Cary Grant famous, but the fact is, he's screen time is really short, under 10 minutes, and It's a character we which we could have seen more. But Mae West sure does a great job, as the cocky, and self centered dancer. Otherwise it's an average thirties movie, with a weak plot. Thumbs down

Brad W (us) wrote: Great little action/SF/comedy. Mark Dacascos comes to play as he kicks ass, dances and verbally spars with Kadeem Hardison. I guess this got an R for some of the action, but really it just plays like a hyped up Power Rangers episode. Has a touch of Robocop, but don't expect anything more than a nod to the Asian cyborg in part 3.

C S (es) wrote: Hitch's best and most complex film.