Happy Times

Happy Times

Zhao is an old laid-off worker who's dreaming of getting married. After trying unsuccessful proposals, he finally pair off with a gargantuan divorcée with two children. She, however, demands a lavish wedding and that Zhao finds a job and another place to stay for her blind step-daughter. Pretending he's the General Manager of a non-existent posh hotel "Happy Times", Zhao had to find ways and means of keeping both mother and stepdaughter happy.

Zhao is an aging bachelor who hasn't been lucky in love. Thinking he has finally met the woman of his dreams, Zhao leads her to believe he is wealthy and agrees to a wedding far beyond his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan H (gb) wrote: A harsh, realistic insight into the "other" side of London. Excellent character development backed up by a typically epic soundtrack

Marcus W (es) wrote: The direction is masterful but sadly the story limps along and the characters feel like sketches. It's trying to be L. A. Confidential and failing miserably.

Al M (jp) wrote: A thoroughly stupid but fun body-snatchers type horror film, Candy Stripers will provide entertainment for fans of b-level horror but probably not for anyone else.

Nakkiran S (au) wrote: An intriguing look into a couple who, in their midlife, happen to get involved in swinging with another couple. The movie is very slow, and is typical of French existentialist movies. There are very few dialogues, but the acting performances and the complexity of the characters are quite superb. Add to that a stunning setting for the movie and a brilliant soundtrack, and it ranks as one of the finest in the genre.

Chinmay C (it) wrote: 'Dhoom' is the first instalment in the Dhoom franchise starring Abhishek Bacchan, Uday Chopra, John Abraham and Esha Deol. This movie has set a new trend in Bollywood of having cool and likeable villains in the movies. John Abraham does a really great job in the movie and the buddy-cop moments between Abhishek and Uday are hilarious. You are absolutely going to love this movie because it has got everything i.e. action, comedy, romance and also drama at times. This movie is very different from the typical Bollywood movies and that's reason it has become somewhat of a cult film.

Cody L (kr) wrote: So hilariously, but entertainingly bad.

Glenn C (es) wrote: Enduring Love is a formula psycho-thriller yet with a strange and eccentric delivery. The premise plays out basically as all Fatal Attraction-esque movies do, but its the way this story is told that makes it quite unique. The opening sequence is unlike anything I've seen on film before. Its both beautiful and dreadful at the same time. Daniel Craig and Rhys Ifans are both fantastic and director Roger Mitchell channels Hitchcock to deliver a slick and powerful film that really leaves an impression.... oh and its great to see Bill Nighy actually playing a straight character for once.

Ryan R (jp) wrote: It's an exceptional entry into the time traveling genre. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and performances from Dennis Quad make this a fun watch.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: Kathy Bates plays a crazed fan of an author played by James Caan, who has a terrible car accident. After the crazed fan stalking him, she ends up saving him and appears to be nurturing him back to health until she can't bear to have him leave. Or was that her plan all along? The crazed fan reads the unpublished final book of the popular series he writes, in which the main character dies. She then forces him to write another version of the book and forces him to burn his own version. Kathy Bates' performance is to die for in this film as she plays the quirky crazed fan to a T. It's amusing yet terrifying at some points, and it's a film that I often enjoy watching because of all the crazy things she says in the film and the portrayal of the character leaves the viewer quoting lines from the movie when ever coming across those crazy bitches who remind us all of this performance. Spectacular!

Jill W (ag) wrote: I really dig this flick. It was interesting to see first year med students & a glimpse of what they go through. Modine was convincing & fun to watch.

Drell D (us) wrote: Classic cop flick from the 80's

Jeff D (ag) wrote: Great 80's film, Val Kilmer was hilarious and I really wish they would make an update to the film in current day so we could see what happened to all of the characters.

Brian C (us) wrote: Brilliantly acted and disturbing. To think that an artist severed a woman's hard and made a statue from it is pretty bold for the early 60's. Price was amazing as the troubled artist

Red L (jp) wrote: A film along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, but this is a first generation immigrant family with four kids in early 20th century San Francisco. The story teller is the oldest daughter who has a yen for writing. We go through the various troubles they encounter - lack of money, the stay in a hospital when a kid needs an operation, the good and bad relatives, etc.It is a heart-warming movie, and if you get a chance watch it.

MANSON W (br) wrote: It's very underrated in my opinion.Sex,drugs,and rock 'n' roll baby!!!