A platoon of Indian soldiers encounters harsh realities while fighting in the Sino-Indian War of 1962.

A platoon of Indian soldiers encounters harsh realities while fighting in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikael K (it) wrote: The loss of a child is possibly the heaviest subject for an intimate drama. There is a great risk in a story that is so charged with emotion, but some storytellers have managed to create honest and powerful pieces from this premise, most recently director John Cameron Mitchell with "Rabbit Hole".Simon Kaijser's "Stockholm stra" explores many of the same themes as Mitchell did in his indie masterpiece. The void a child leaves, the impossible grief. The guilt of a person who accidentally drives over an innocent young child.Pernilla Oljelund's script approaches these difficult motifs directly. We see the accident itself in the beginning of the movie and start living with the characters straight from that moment on. And what characters they are! The script builds them throughly, giving a completely perfect cast the perfect tools to work with. Mikael Persbrandt shines as Johan, the man who runs over Tove, the daughter of Anna, played by bafflingly magnificent Iben Hjejle, and Anders (Henrik Norln).There is a twist to an old story: Anna never goest to the trial and doesn't know who Johan is. Johan gets engulfed by his guilt and starts following Anna with a desperate need to atone for his sin. Fate or contrivance brings the characters ever closer to one another. They form a deep friendship, then a passionate affair. They both need the affair, and they both need to hold on to their lies: Anna needs to pretend to Johan that Tove is still alive, Johan needs to pretend to Anna that he didn't kill her.Kaijser holds a superficially twisted setup together perfectly. We believe what is happening, we even believe the character's lie when they are together, almost letting ourselves to be lulled by the hope that the truth will never come out. The visual storytelling is ambitious and beautiful. The enchantment of the lies is futher accentuated by the dreamlike, magically lit visuals in Anna and Johan's scenes together."Stockholm stra," despite its bold twist, is not a completely perfect movie like "Rabbit Hole," but it comes pretty near. This is raw and wise drama at its best, stemming from the characters, utilizing immense acting talent and provoking thought through intense and believable emotion.

Taquasia H (gb) wrote: This movie was very funny to me.And this movie is right,women should think like a man sometimes.

Amarjyot D (fr) wrote: Watchable, with some good stories, some really ugly.

cheryl c (es) wrote: The movie is great. A real tear jerker

Deadly V (kr) wrote: Formula movie but well done

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Luke P (fr) wrote: Entertaining, and featuring strong direction from Stone and a terrific performance by Michael Douglas. Wall Street is an interesting and enjoyable film.

Joshua B (us) wrote: Good 80's horror movie.

Deke P (nl) wrote: Vaguely recall seeing it in theater when it came out, i think. Not too memorable for me. But it and Neil Simon was widely heralded.

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Hossein N (mx) wrote: Sep 2010 - I was very much disappointed at the story and its very conservative point. I cannot tell if this is a conservative side of Lang (and I hope it is not) or merely an attempt to secure the box office success of the movie. The demonization of liberal views for women is in fact intolerable. So what remains is a bit of Lang's technic, his mastery in showing his characters at times of desperation and finally a very good performance by Barbara Stanwyck.

Kenneth B (mx) wrote: I'm not sure that Lean made many comedies but this is worth the admission fee. Very funny and very quirky.