Har Har Mahadev

Har Har Mahadev

The complete Shivpuran on celluloid.

The complete Shivpuran on celluloid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire T (ru) wrote: This movie was very crap and I will not watch it ever again, I didn't like this movie I expected better, Charlie O Connell, Victoria Pratt and Jack Scalia starred in it, I hated this film and I don't want it on DVD

Andrew C (gb) wrote: Shit shit shit shit shit shit poo shit... avoid Ulli Lommel at all costs

Timothy S (ca) wrote: The subject matter is definitely worthy of a feature film, but as it turns out, two feature films may have been overkill and a tad excessive. "Infamous" is the lesser of the two Truman Capote pictures, both released less than a year apart, and this is destined to always live in the shadows of the marvelous achievement that was "Capote".This is by no means a bad film, and had it been the only one being released dealing with this material, it may in fact have garnered more attention and respect. As it stands, it's a pale and shallow also-ran, touching on a lot of interesting ideas but never delving deep into any one of them. Toby Jones is certainly quirky enough as the unusual author, but you never really see anything more than just the quirks. Obviously a much more complex relationship develops between him and the Death Row inmate played by a nearly unrecognizable Daniel Craig, but screenwriter and director Douglas McGrath is more to blame than the actor playing him. He genuinely cares about Craig, but place him back on Park Avenue and he comes off as manipulating and only concerned with turning out a quality novel. That contradiction is never balanced satisfactorily."Infamous" is a noble yet shallow picture that seems all too intent on justifying its very existence. Jones is not nearly good enough to make you forget Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar winning performance in the same role a mere eleven months earlier.

Frances Ann A (nl) wrote: Inspiring true-life story of Bobby Jones. I know zero about golf--didn't matter a bit. This rewards viewing several times. Jeremy Northam and Jim Caviezel are outstanding!

Ralph R (gb) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Mike S (nl) wrote: Where to begin? I only saw this movie because my little brother wanted to rent it when he was 10, and was really into the whole ninja thing (this was during the peak of the TMNT era). This movie has some of the worst acting, worst dialogue and editing I've ever seen. Only way to enjoy it is to see it as a parody, which it unfortunately isn't. Hulk Hogan should stick to wrestling or retire or something. Wanna know what a ninja is? Watch Batman Begins or some decent anime. This is just a big waste of time and the single worst movie I've ever seen.

mirabella 1 (nl) wrote: I'd like to see this despite the bad RVs.I try to see all the J-horror that I can. I am a big fan.

Nathaniel B (it) wrote: So clever, so funny, quite painful in places and shrewd in others. Ought to have a larger following, it's such a well-done skewering.

Brody M (ca) wrote: Weird,weird,WEIRD!!!

James O (jp) wrote: Tales that Witness Madness is one of the many anthology horror films made in the 1970s. It was made by a British company (not Amicus) and was actually decent. It has four stories of murder and mayhem. The first one is "Mr. Tiger", a story about a boy who sees an invisible tiger, yet no one else can. This is my favorite story, and the only one that really scared me at the end. The second story is "Penny Farthing", about a man who is haunted by the bicycle of his dead uncle. The second weakest story. The third tale is "Mel", about a tree that falls in love with a man, but the man's wife despises the tree. Has a great, shocking ending. The final story is "Luau", about a woamn throwing a Hawaiian luau where her daughter may end up being the main course! Luau is probably the weakest story, because its too long and too boring. TTWM hasn't been released on DVD yet, but its a great movie, so I would advise tracking it down.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Aficionados will appreciate many of these scenes.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: good women's pic all star cast

Alex r (fr) wrote: Superb sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature picks up a year after the first film. A successful capture of the Gill Man by two oceanographers and put him on display at a Marine park. The "Gill-Man" as he is called is a hit at the park. At first things go without a hitch, but as the film progresses, the Gill-Man breaks free and goes on a rampage and escapes the park. Revenge of the Creature is a solid follow-up to the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. The film is superbly acted and directed, and the pace of the story is very good. I very much enjoyed the storyline to this sequel, and I thought it was a great continuation to the first. The film like the first has some incredible underwater cinematography, and it adds incredible atmosphere to this classic horror film. The cast do a fine job and they deliver great performances. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this film is the effects, I thought for the time period they were very well done, and even if by today's fancy CGI techniques, the special effects used in this film are still relevant and groundbreaking to the cinematic medium. Revenge of the Creature, is not as grand a film, as Creature from the Black Lagoon, but the film is nonetheless a classic monster horror film, and it delivers some very good entertainment. The film is wonderful because of the strong cast, interesting story, great cinematography and of course the Gill-Man's knack for killing and wrecking havoc.

Valerie L (ag) wrote: Took me about 3 attempts to get past the first 15 minutes of this movie. Once I got past that it was easier to get through the rest. Talented cast but the story about a sociopathic liar is not really that interesting. Or maybe the script is just not that well-written. I don't know anyone who liked this movie no matter how much we wanted to like it :(

Thomas A (us) wrote: A bit of a long-winded movie. Though Jesse Eisenberg has now become a typecast by portraying this smart Jewish kid in a contrasting backdrop, every other actor in this film has failed to keep up with his shining star.