Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled

A cop who loses his partner in a shoot-out with gun smugglers goes on a mission to catch them. In order to get closer to the leaders of the ring he joins forces with an undercover cop who's working as a gangster hitman. They use all means of excessive force to find them.

A tough-as-nailsĀ cop who loses his partner in a shoot-out with gun smugglers teams up with an undercover agentĀ for their common pursuit of taking down the crime syndicate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary C (it) wrote: I don't need to see this to know that it's gonna suck.

Lynelle S (de) wrote: Worst writing, worst acting, unimaginative, clumsy and simplistic. Crap.

Stephen L (de) wrote: I actually spent the majority of this one fighting the urge to give up on it. The acting and writing were both at times atrocious. But the surprise twist that the critics here seem to hate pulled me back into it. Especially strange considering Spike is notorious for his bad endings.

Dot L (ag) wrote: Teacher and father figure to high school band students, Prof Johnson lives in the hearts of his students forever.

Tyler B (de) wrote: I enjoyed this film very much. Id did a great job putting you into the characters mind. They chose amazing locations. Good shot lengths.

Shane J (nl) wrote: if you want to make a sex tape make one.one of the most boring films i have ever watched

Donna S (au) wrote: I saw this today on tv, not sure why i haven't seen it sooner, but i loved the concept behind the movie and it just cracked me up, the ending was really sweet too. I love how the movie plays out, movies that start with the end or middle and show the beforehand have always been a favorite of mine.

John R (au) wrote: 160626: The 18th Bond Film. Silly film with glimpses of hope. If you've seen my prior Bond reviews you're likely wondering why I'm still watching. Some of the action midway through this film is the reason why. There has always been such potential with the character and films but it's lost on me because of the stupidity, often associated with the suspension of belief. In this case, the Elliot Carver character (Jonathan Prye) couldn't be worse. Am I to believe he's some badass super villain? Am I to believe any of these characters, good or bad, would have survived as long as they did? I really wonder sometimes why I continue to push with Bond but I'm almost certain I will see this whole series through. Perhaps I'll come to some great understanding but more likely, in my opinion, my personal values just do not jive with what the Bond series actually is. On a positive note, there is some great action in this film. Some of it pushes the envelope just a bit too much, as usual, but they almost had it right here. It's always great to see Ricky Jay & Vincent Schivelli. The BMW Cruiser R1200C really intrigued me; almost to the point of making me want one. Under the neat category, Tomorrow features the highest death toll in any Bond film to this point. It is also the first movie in film history to have its entire budget be covered in product placement campaigns. 3 pushing 3.5. Ok, next.

Love M (nl) wrote: A simple and heart felt film which i've always enjoyed! A little gem that will make you go "aww!"

Alex C (de) wrote: The movie Terminator could have been

Meghan E (au) wrote: i loved this movie, i like horses....enough said

Tuomas R (us) wrote: Williams on loistava Marilyn muuten aika "meh"! Muutkin amerikkalaisroolit olisi kyll pitnyt miehitt amerikkalaisilla brittien sijaan. Kaiken kaikkiaan tst j vhn sellainen keskivertoa kalliimman TV-tuotannon maku. ***- /5

limbit p (it) wrote: quite enjoyed it, makes some interesting points about what was really happening at the time and many of the scenes were based on true story so you get a flavour of the times even if it is just a made up plot.. Suprising many kept going till the 90's as their influence had waned in the 70's and pirate stations had taken to being mobile on land. It's mis titled as a comedy, it has little in that respect but some scenes can make you smile if not laugh. drama , musical, romance, not really any of those either more a period piece to give a flavour of being young if you were not around in those times.