Hard Country

Hard Country

Ambitious young Jodie wants more out of life than the small Texas country town she lives in has to offer. Jodie realizes that in order to pursue her dreams she will have to leave Texas and move to the big city. However, her shiftless factory worker boyfriend Kyle wants to stay in Texas.

Ambitious young Jodie wants more out of life than the small Texas country town she lives in has to offer. Jodie realizes that in order to pursue her dreams she will have to leave Texas and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff J (au) wrote: Decent SF thriller, creepy if a bit slow...

Akilan S (ca) wrote: Awesome movie. Vijay rocks :-)

Justin J (jp) wrote: FThe worst ultra low budget movie you will ever see in your life time. Acting was terrible, the animals were either puppets or horrible cgi. Dont waste your time.

Nathan B (au) wrote: I want to hurt someone this is so bad! Stop making movies, James!

Jake M (de) wrote: I really enjoyed the mumblecore feel of the film - very grounded. This was the first Duplass Brothers film I ever saw, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some more of their work to see how it measured up. I admire how much it wrings out of its low budget - good cinematography, some good creeps and slight scares, coupled with humor and some genuine emotion. Don't see why Ebert hated so much, but whatever. To each his own.

Sight K (it) wrote: 5 Words:PoisonousUnfunnyBoringUn-charmingStupid-TerribleExtra Words: This is the trashiest piece of trash in trash Hollywood.

Joseph S (kr) wrote: I watched this, and it wasn't available on flixter, so I had them add it...but since there are two reviews already, I'm going to assume this was here at one time, but was deleted...odd.... Anyway the "movie info" section is stuff I compiled from wikipedia and amg all movie guide, and does a pretty good job of describing the movie in general. Because "Wax" isn't really like anything else Ive seen it's very, very, difficult to describe. It's post modern-film which owes it's greatest debt to William S. Burroughs, who appears in stock footage as our hero's grandfather, cementing the idea of literary lineage. The narrative voice over, plays over almost all of the movie, Blair's monoton, has a spoken word quality to it, similar to Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo, and it helps and complicates the images on screen, tremendously. It's not for everyone, not much here in the way of dialogue, characterization, or catharsis, it's a film, experiment to be sure, but one better in it's execution than in just reading it's concept. Calling this movie "overwrought" is the understatement of the century, but a simpler way to look it at might be... what would happen if weapons could be haunted by the people that they kill? In order to do that you have to make the weapons into living things, which is a big part of where the movie's weirdness comes from, but at the same time it asks us to think about the way we wage war, which is shown on t.v. so that it seems not to have a cost in human lives, when in fact, of course, the toll in human life of wars like desert storm is extraordinary. So far the most accurate review Ive read, has been from an anonymous person from the U.S., this past April on IMDB , and though the author is obviously enjoying name checking his favorite books, it's not to far off. Anyway here it is, " "Wax" is very likely the oddest film I've ever seen. Marvelously, beautifully, lyrically, and profoundly intellectually stimulating in all respects. Breathtaking in its scope and achievement. But very odd. I have read medical reports containing sodium pentathol interviews and transcripts of schizophrenics' monologues. I have read memoirs and fiction by schizophrenics and hard drug users. I have read Surrealist and Beat Movement literature. I have read James Joyce and Gertrude Stein. I have read the visionary poetry of Charles Williams and H.D. I have watched films by Kenneth Anger and David Lynch and Maya Daren. I have read Yoruba ethnic literature from West Africa and studied Aleister Crowley's skryings on the Enochian aethyrs. I have read H. P. Lovecraft and also Kenneth Grant's post-Crowleyan magickal writings describing journeys behind the Tree of Life which would have preempted H.P.L.'s usual nightmares had he but known of them. "Wax" stands tall in that company. A hypnotic, hallucinatory, purely poetic fusion of words, images, political ideas, and mystical transformations, nothing quite resembles it. "Pi" (1998) tried for something as distinctive, but that film gave us a glowering, paranoid, tortured vision shot in deliberately painful close-ups. "Wax" makes a complete contrast in its joyful freedom of eloquence in narration and visuals. "Wax" enhances life while critiquing it. The film employs early, simple computer graphics. It juggles idiosyncratic desert architecture, prosaic photography, and absurd juxtapositions of common images. It tells a story of Middle Eastern honey bees along with offering a hard view of the original U.S. military actions against Iraq in 1991 (a time so simple in retrospect as to seem the good old days). It links Los Alamos with transformations in consciousness. "Wax" leaps beyond the merely political in its luminous metaphors for human existence. You can find stronger films, more beautiful films, more linguistically spry films, but you will probably never find anything quite like this fireworks display of language and image. Think "2001: A Space Odyssey" on a home movie budget. Your grasp of reality (and cinema) may never feel the same." Anyway that's my patchwork review, If you like "Naked Lunch", "The Wild Blue Yonder", "Specters Of The Spectrum", experimental cinema with a punch, or are just looking for something, really, really, really, different. You may want to consider, the world of teleivion among the bees.

peter t (mx) wrote: Often said to be one of Argento's worst early Giallo films and apparently Argento's own worst film, Cat O'Nine tails is for me is the opposite, a smart, fun and entertaining mystery thriller that leaves you at times on the edge of suspense. It's far from perfect, but shows the potential Argento has

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Young Mr. Lincoln is an incredible film. It is about the early life of the American president, Abraham Lincoln. Henry Fonda and Alice Brady give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. John Ford did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Young Mr. Lincoln is a must see.

Alex K (nl) wrote: Clint Eastwood gives us enough great film

Mark K (ag) wrote: insanely powerful and dark, Elephant is a difficult watch. It is also a must watch. "we live in a senseless world, so anything senseless can happen".