Hard Four

Hard Four

When legendary gambler Golden Hands Segal suffers a fatal heart attack at the craps table in Las Vegas, his grandson Freddy Meingold and boyhood pal Spencer Ragusa have less than 24 hours to retrieve the body for burial in New Jersey.

When legendary gambler Golden Hands Segal suffers a fatal heart attack at the craps table in Las Vegas, his grandson Freddy Meingold and boyhood pal Spencer Ragusa have less than 24 hours to retrieve the body for burial in New Jersey. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dalena L (au) wrote: i want to see this movie

Sam T (ca) wrote: The stunning Artic landscape steals the show in this slow paced but engaging psychological thriller.

jessica w (es) wrote: i have seen it so many times but still not bored i like akshay kumar and he was funny in this movie i like the songs and excuse me mister navinpai and vgagnaniin it was a gud movie u silly ppl dont have choice and vgagnaniim dont try to be cooool cauz i really know u r not

Gordy D (fr) wrote: Possibly another one of those "2 hours you'll never get back" movies, but in a way it captures the essence of how unfortunate it was that our ancestors abandoned their pagan ways.

Petrice f (mx) wrote: I like all Wesley Snipes movies

Jake W (kr) wrote: For it being the second most critically acclaimed film to star my favorite actor, I personally don't see what's so great about it... It's basically about a lawyer named Eddie Dodd (James Woods, in a forgettable performance) who is urged by a protege (Robert Downey, Jr., who puts in good effort as always but the film is horrible) to take a case of someone who has been in jail for eight years but is not guilty of the crime. It's really not all that great. Some good performances, but nothing to write home about

Greg W (fr) wrote: a little revisionist history here or shall we say historically inacurate.

Bill B (au) wrote: This movie would be about half the running time if poor old Blackenstein wasn't forced to lumber around, walking (in real time, for the most part) from place to place, which dramatically slows down any momentum or brief action you might get with this one.Pass.

Robyn H (jp) wrote: this is the most evil film alive!!

Jack G (nl) wrote: good little father-son melodrama, but just a fair warning the Criterion transfer is one of their WORST yet (albeit I hear prints from early 40's Japanese movies in general suck no matter how much you try to restore them). It's moreso the audio than the video; if you're one those few looking to just watch the film without subtitles, you'll have a tough time.

Antonius B (kr) wrote: This is a fantastic film that saves its best for last. It starts off as a good Cagney-Blondell pairing, with him playing a theater producer whose job is in trouble with the advent of "talkies", and her playing his hardworking, intelligent secretary. It ends with a couple of absolutely STUNNING musical numbers choreographed by Busby Berkeley - 'By a Waterfall' and 'Shanghai Lil'. The sets are spectacular, as are the visual effects Berkeley creates with overhead camera shots - just have a look on youtube. Cagney is a delight to watch in his film, which has him in a role different from his usual gangster typecasting. He's marvelously light on his feet, both when he shows performers how it's done early in the movie, and then later when he 'fills in' for a guy who has had too much to drink to perform 'Shanghai Lil', which is set in a Chinese den of iniquity. The banter and comedy throughout the movie keeps it entertaining, with the exception of Hugh Herbert, who's in a whiny, annoying role. There's also lots of 1933 eye candy here, with dancer's legs, skimpy outfits, and bathing suits abounding, helped along by the movie being pre-Code. Related to that and as a small side note, I thought it was funny to see Claire Dodd, wide-eyed, reading a book called "Naughty Stories" with a vamp on the cover.As for the other leads, Dick Powell is not my favorite but he's passable, and Ruby Keeler is a joy, playing a cute secretary who transforms into a performer. There are some cringe-inducing moments, including Keeler as an Asian woman during 'Shanghai Lil, singing some broken English lyrics which may make you think of the clich 'me love you long time' (one of the actual lines: "I miss you very much, a long time, I think that you no love me still"). Earlier in the film, Cagney will brainstorm for themes in his musicals and hit upon one with "African slaves" (after other wacky ideas, e.g. "Frankenstein"), and later, after seeing a bunch of African-American kids playing in the water from a fire hydrant, he'll quip "That's what [we] need - a modern waterfall splashing on beautiful white bodies." You have to forgive the film for those transgressions, which are relatively small for the time period. Overall - very entertaining and an absolute blast in some places, with Cagney and Berkeley turning in outstanding work. Great film.