Hard Men

Hard Men

British Gangster film with a tongue-in-cheek approach to the genre, including a part played by 'Mad' Frankie Fraser.

A Cockney thug becomes a daddy just before he and his two colleagues are supposed to put the screws to some unfortunate deadbeat. The new dad decides that he has had enough killing and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hard Men torrent reviews

Scott A (nl) wrote: Pretty slow and boring...just watch for Lindy Booth.

Wen W (mx) wrote: Much of the same goodness

Logan H (ru) wrote: Typical Will Ferrell Schtick but very funny

Terri H (de) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Kat C (mx) wrote: Very funny and dark comedy.Ned Beatty has some of the best lines in the whole movie. Love it!

Beverly N (au) wrote: The first documentary I bought. I love it as much now as I ever did, and never grow tired of it.

Trent R (de) wrote: Not de Heer's best by any means, this Aussie-French co-production is an unsurprisingly uneven affair. But it does feature a fantastic soundtrack, and the opportunity to see Miles Davis on screen shortly before passing. The story is simple, and Davis' acting as an idealized version of himself is quite naturalistic and effective. It opens with Miles Davis playing Billy Cross, emerging from a jetliner, (with TNT stenciled on the side) in the desert to give an offhand concert for the locals. This makes quite an impression on the young lad of the title who grows up to become Colin Friels. So, dreams are pursued and expectations met. But Friels gives a highly sympathetic performance opposite the stoic Davis, and the early scenes of him playing in the spectacular Australian vistas pay off in the closing jam session at an intimate PAris jazz club.

Ahmed A (us) wrote: Great play and excellent performances from the cast especially Andy Griffith!

Keith M (au) wrote: What a great film. A forgotten film that I think everyone should see if they have not. Walter Huston is one of the great forgotten actors, and this performance was way ahead of its time. In 1936 for an actor to give such a real performance with such true emotion is amazing to watch on the screen.

Brandon S (au) wrote: This is comedy in film as it was originally intended. Geniuses like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin not only adapted the formula, but practically created it in mainstream cinema."The Gold Rush" is a perfect film in nearly every way. The set pieces are fun and wacky, the performance by 'the tramp' himself is something to roar about, and the narration in the 1941 re-release (which is the version I watched) is top notch.