Hard Rain

Hard Rain

Get swept up in the action as an armored car driver (Christian Slater) tries to elude a gang of thieves (led by Morgan Freeman) while a flood ravages the countryside. Hard Rain is "a wild, thrilling, chilling action ride" filled with close calls, uncertain loyalties and heart-stopping heroics.

The movie centers on a heist and man-made treachery amidst a natural disaster in a small Indiana town. Criminals, local sheriff, and many other people chase $3 million in cash when the city is taken by a flood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hard Rain torrent reviews

Michael L (nl) wrote: my Man is a Loser....is a loser. Was Tyler Perry involved in this somehow? It's got his stank all over it.

Private U (ca) wrote: Laugh out loud through the whole movie!!!

Conner K (ag) wrote: It might be clichd, but Chow delivers in this very entertaining film.

Sherry M (nl) wrote: don't watch this one as much as the first two but still good.

Justin T (gb) wrote: Clever movie with some likable characters.

Patryk C (nl) wrote: A sharp tension builder, with great pace and moody cinematography. Even though it's a noir piece, it has more comedic touches than the usual movies in this genre. A man, who just witnessed a murder near his house, is trying to escape from both the law and the killer himself. Ann Sheridan does a wonderful job playing a woman, who looks for her husband, and through that experience realizes that she never really knew him. And in the end, she finally sees what he meant for her and that lost love can always be rebuild anew. Fantastic finale, with a thrill-ride of the most unpredictable kind, as when the woman is riding a roller-coaster and isn't able to get off, her husband is fighting for his life with the ruthless killer, who wants to silence him for good. A nice little B-movie worth seeing.

Bill T (ru) wrote: Fun Charlie Channer here, though I'm still not a Sidney Toler fan. Chan investigates how an author is murdered, while diving into a wacky tale of the paranormal. Cesar Romero (!) is a well-known psychic wanting to expose another psychic's powers in a sub-plot. It's a bit dumb for the first half, but then gets quite enjoyable when they head off to the World's Fair and Treasure Island.

Evan K (nl) wrote: A bit of a bore, just like the novel, but it can't really help that. Well shot and a good performance from George C. Scott.

Greg R (kr) wrote: Smart, feel-good, enjoyable, and totally hilarious, led by one of Jack Black's greatest performances,

Katrina Adrian M (ru) wrote: This movie was actually pretty good. I was impressed. John (Dennis Hopper) falls in love with a beautiful girl who works at a beach side carnival. One day a friend tells him that all of his girlfriend's past lovers have ended up dead. He goes to his girlfriend for answers and she tells him that she is descended from sea creatures who kill to survive. John is determined to save his girlfriend from her chosen path, but will it be too late?