Hardi Pardaillan!

Hardi Pardaillan!

Set against the troubled period of the Wars of Religion in France, at a time when the three Henries (Henri III, Henri de Guise and Henri de Béarn) vied for the the throne, these new ...

Set against the troubled period of the Wars of Religion in France, at a time when the three Henries (Henri III, Henri de Guise and Henri de Béarn) vied for the the throne, these new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (gb) wrote: Patrick Wilson gives a stellar performance in this postwar drama. It's quite surprising that this remarkable story hasn't been told before. There's great action, suspense, and thrills in the movie adaptation so it's worth every minute.

Robbie T (ag) wrote: The plot is okay. However, the acting is bad, dialogue is crappy and direction is terrible.

Jennifer F (kr) wrote: it is so cool I recored it so much

Grant S (es) wrote: Emotional, painful, frustrating journey.The story of a woman who is put in a home after she develops Alzheimer's Disease, how her and her husband cope with with this, and how their relationship is affected.Very sensitively told, making for a very emotional movie. Maybe too sensitively done: the film moves incredibly slowly. Every scene is drawn out to breaking point. Plus there are some incredibly frustrating turns of events, which add to the irritation.However, the level of engagement with the characters is high enough for you to sit through it all.It's not a perfect movie, far from it - for the reasons mentioned above and the lack of a punchy or profound ending - but is watchable and endurable.

Mark A (us) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson is by far the best part of this above-average sports drama

Graeme H (de) wrote: For seeing James Coburn one last time, I am not sure how the film sits with me. I know that I will not watch it again, if that counts.

Lucas Y (de) wrote: Yet another unsung Jason Isaacs performance. You'll either love or hate The Last Minute. It kind of gives you a headache due to all the quick camera movements and techno music throughout the film. It's about an up and coming superstar that falls into the temptations of the night life in London. It's very powerful and disturbing to see little kids shooting up, smoking powder and killing each other. I knew I would love or hate this movie by the ending, which delivered a very powerful, yet sad package.

Brandon R (es) wrote: Not enough Wesley Snipes ass kicking to save this film.

Simeon T (kr) wrote: Why a film or any other collaborative artistic project ends up a success or failure (and every degree in between) is a mysterious thing; it is why there is a sense of the magical about something which comes together in a way no one could have planned or expected. Casablanca, for instance, was supposed to be merely another assembly line star vehicle, and turned into the kind of classic that couples watch every year. With an epic, it is a steeper climb, as there are many more collaborative elements that need to come together. When these are successful, in movies like Braveheart, there can be a fearsome, propulsive spirit in the outcome.Cold Mountain is one of those epics that just doesn't quite come together and set off a spark. It has since been vilified unfairly; I once saw it described as one of the most boring movies ever made, which it certainly isn't. But it is heavy-handed, a bit stodgy at times, and uncertain of everything other than its female centrism. Something, or more than that, just isn't clicking. So what it wrong? It is most likely a collaborative issue, rather than a few individuals. Anthony Minghella hasn't made it come off right for sure, and I would suspect it is more the team at the helm than the actors. However, Jude Law is a bit of a weight on the film. He is emblematic of the piece, in that he isn't bad exactly, but he seems to be flailing around and not quite finding success. There is some strikingly horrific Civil War imagery at the beginning, followed by a terrific scene where a dying boy asks a fiddler to play him a song that would make him feel like he was at a creek back home. But the strength of the film, and the central message, is in and about the defenseless people left behind. The men going off to war leaving behind women in physical and psychological deprivation It is a very real fact of war throughout history. What is interesting about how it is described here is the separation of male and female identity in a time of war, the idea of female experience as an alien thing to a world built and summarily destroyed by men. This is the idea that does get through when much of the film isn't coming together, and the film's shoulders rest on the women. The scene with the woman whose crying baby is left to die in the cold by sadistic Union soldiers is almost impossible to watch, but is the purest distillation of the central theme. Cold Mountain is mostly about the relationship between Nicole Kidman's southern belle and Renee Zellweger's hearty Appalachian lass. Kidman holds her own, she has that willowy elegance that is suited to a role of this type. Most of the press went to Renee Zellweger, whose showy acting won an Oscar, but who has since been mocked. I think she is not Oscar-caliber, but is not at all bad. It is a presentational style of performance with some campy, flouncy touches, but it is also full of the kind of fierceness this movie needs. The best performance here is by Ray Winstone, scary and very believable as the head of a group of thuggish confederate soldiers who've hung around the titular mountain town to control its resources and terrorize people. He is memorably menacing in this movie, and there are scenes with his psychopathic, ghostly blond henchman that are very difficult to watch. Its a tough movie, and and ungainly one, but one with enough good elements that it is worth seeing, not least of which is the lovely music, both in the film and the credits. Donald Sutherland is also very good in a small role.

Arturo P (es) wrote: The best parts are when they get on the island and the end. The rest of the movie is such a bore!!!