Hardkor Disko

Hardkor Disko

A sociopath begins a relationship with the daughter of a couple he intends to murder.

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Nathan M (ca) wrote: I really respect what Gondry was trying to do here, and I found much of his style enjoyable. But it wasn't good enough to sustain its run time. Apparently I saw the extended version, and I could barely make it through the entire thing. He is completely style over substance, and that makes it hard for me to really enjoy this.

Dmitry F (de) wrote: If only this would have been evaluated by the quality of images it would be close to 6/5 (Frozen), but I do want something more. And you know it's a bland, boring movie with flat simplistic characters. Not moving. Not at all.

Andrew E (fr) wrote: The only thing wrong with this is that at a running time of 12 mins it is just far to short.

Rose N (br) wrote: One of the worst zombie movies i've ever seen! The only thing scary about the movie was the acting. Come on, zombies are killing people at a house party and you see people running for their lives with beer bottles in the hand? Lol! The scene where the zombie rips out the baby out of the pregnant girl was so stupid. I had to stop watching it after that.

Fernando H (ca) wrote: Michelle Williams ?? <3

Byron B (au) wrote: Has a cool soundtrack featuring Gangsta's Paradise. Portions of that one song are used so many times in the movie that it gets a little repetitive. I liked the TV show with Annie Potts taking over the Michelle Pfeiffer role. A series that can develop characters over time is probably a better format for a story like this. For a veteran Marine, Pfeiffer's Louanne Johnson doesn't seem that tough. The poster includes a bunch of the inner city high school students that she teaches, but the plot only really allows the viewer to get to know two of the disadvantaged teens. And the focus on Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas, white artists, is frustrating. George Dzundza as Hal, a fellow teacher, friend, and cynic, plays a larger role than I imagined based on the usual synopsis for this movie.

Orlok W (us) wrote: The Taboo of Human Contact... A fractured movie about a fractured life--An excellent study of guilt and desire... Haunting, melancholy and the strange ways we are all connected!!

Scott C (de) wrote: Made I needed to be drunk and with friends.

Private U (us) wrote: En av de bedre filmene jeg har sett som er fra fr 90-tallet.

Robert P (nl) wrote: Like many great films, this is about alibis, both false and real and the difference, if any, between the two. Well observed and performed marriage of geo-political and psycho-sexual. The old aunt steals the show with a screen presence which dictates to the director, rather than the other way round, or as the director says, pushed him to adapt the role to the actor. Centred around a mystery of forces keeping the protagonists apart rather than the forces driving them together

Tony M (kr) wrote: Akira Kurosawa's High and Low doesn't waste any time and puts you on a ride of suspense right from the onset. It is a tale of wealth, greed, envy, and loss. High and Low indeed.

Geeraard V (us) wrote: this was funny! an early movie about young delinquents! if they wanted to change something about teenage delinquency ... it didn't!

Sergej P (mx) wrote: that was a weird movie.. plot was ok.. but the editing and sound track was anoying and pointless sometimes..