After a tragic accident Luke Gibson is left with critical injuries and complete amnesia. A new technological breakthrough from the Hexx Corporation - a Psi-Comp Implant that's hardwired into Luke's brain - saves his life, but Luke soon finds out that this new technology comes with a price and that the Hexx Corporation harbors sinister plans for the new device.

After a tragic accident claims the lives of Luke Gibson's (Gooding Jr.) wife and unborn child, he is left with critical injuries and complete amnesia. A new technological breakthrough from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hardwired torrent reviews

Andy G (br) wrote: Really good blew my mind how people want to be so willing to follow something.

Matt W (ru) wrote: A near-perfect balance of comedy and drama.Many people do not like this film, and this is due to the fact that it was marketed as a laugh-out-loud comedy. Which it is not. Cyrus is a story of how a lonely man meets a lonely woman, who can't let go of her 21 year old child, who wants to stay at home forever. It is actually quite a dark and sad tale, that may seem like fun from the outset, but as the story progresses, the truth gets out in some heartbreaking scenes.In a dramedy, the comedy has to hit as much as the drama, and it really does- especially in the first half, where the film focuses much more on that aspect- and it it's quite fun. But then as things start to go wrong, the performances suddenly turn up a notch, and you suddenly realize that these people are not just caricatures, but are people. There does seem to be a running theme of 'damaged goods', and how people sometimes don't need to be fixed etc.The only problem I had with the film was that I wished it was a little longer, although I loved the ending, I thought it would have been nice to get a little more depth to some of the characters- especially Marisa Tomei's character, to get some insight into her past, and why the son and Mother are so inseparable.This is not a comedy, but a small scale movie about moving on, and the difficulties of growing up, whatever age you are.

David B (ca) wrote: Lonesomeness means I am whole at last

Chus v (ag) wrote: It is not perfect, but some sequences can leave you breathless, thanks to Carpenter's genius. Specially, the final showdown.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Hilarious spoof of Hitchcock. Some really great gags.

Alejandro G (gb) wrote: Un hermoso poema sobre la incomunicacin y la incomprensin. Y el posible efecto de ambas en el ser humano. Una obra arrebatadora, profunda, fascinante y sorprendente.

Ian G (fr) wrote: Another entry in the Bruce Timm supervised DCU animated universe that loosely asks similar questions to Man of Steel, due to a new band of misfit superheroes who have no compucture of using deadly force to solve the worlds problems, is Superman still relevant in todays society? The big selling point for this entry is the closing battle scene with Superman seemingly loosing control and almost terminally disposing of the interloopers. Not an all time classic like the recent Dark Knight Returns Duology, New Frontier or Return of the Joker, it does present some interesting points in tackling a hero that is in risk of becoming dated.