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Donna V (es) wrote: Choke is not a comedy. It's a drama about old people dying of Alzheimers Disease. How funny.

Jackstar G (ag) wrote: Now the movie is really, mixed. I mean, on one side, we have the cool story, a corrupt mayor. However, on the other we have somewhat unmemorable characters, sloppy lines, and very little character development.

Jeff H (nl) wrote: Really great, subtle performances that bring charm and class to a fun little movie. It's maybe not the best movie ever, but it's fun and easy to love. The cast really shines, so much so that it's hard to pick a stand out. Macy, Hines, Shawkat, and Steve Kaplan are all wonderful. PS - Steve Kaplan is a really nice guy, and deserves every ounce of success he may get. Congrats, Steve!

TingHey C (gb) wrote: Thought this one was really really funny! haha =D It's definitely worth watching! Told Flixter to add this one.. =P

Anthony H (mx) wrote: this had to be the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life, thank god I didnt have to pay for it.

Chloe C (kr) wrote: i had imagined this film to be a satiric attack on the EU, but just realized it is the director's response to the violence and brutality of Sep 11th. however, i enjoyed the dialogue between the mature little girl and her attractive, empathetic mom.

Private U (ag) wrote: i like it soooooooo much

Chibi M (nl) wrote: Seen it, used to own it until the tape got ruined but I love it so much it's my faovrite Casoer movie.

Andy A (ru) wrote: A very interesting piece of fantasy that involves a college going everyman becoming the savior of the universe. A fun sci-fi adventure, despite some of the cornier special effects. Includes an early performance by Jack Black.

Vaughan M (gb) wrote: One of the best films of the 90's.

Alec B (mx) wrote: Incredibly well acted! Unique coming of age story

Andy C (ca) wrote: I'm interested to get to The World of Apu so I can see if he finds any new family members to die for relatively lame reasons. Chest colds, and apparently loneliness have knocked out 3 of them, with the old lady presumably dying from being old in the first one, the best death so far in Apu's family. I'll see you there.

Martin P (fr) wrote: Brilliantly original and well directed epic of silent french cinema.

Barney o (jp) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: A whitty animation that will appeal to adults and children alike - 'Madagascar' is paugh out loud funny. The characters are well realised (partially thanks to their voiceovers) so everyone can get into the storyWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It's not the most interesting film in terms of plot, so isn't as classic for family watching as a pixar etc.VERDICT: A fun and pacey animation that everyone will enjoy.

Deadly V (au) wrote: One of the Most Emotionally Involving Films I've Ever Seen

Sherief N (ag) wrote: I kind of expected more from this sequel '!

Quincy T (es) wrote: Venture to barren wasteland with excruciatingly slow pace. Sword of Vengeance is shot almost entirely in slow motion. Characters perceive time differently from us, as they feel the need to dramatically walk, talk and stare at each other while posing at the camera. Visual is all shades of gray, while this might be stylish at first, it overstays its welcome by the fifteen minutes mark, by then the main character probably have taken his fifth slow-mo steps. Story is thin at best, with average runtime and majority of it is painful slow-mo, the film barely has any substance to offer.An outsider comes to a village, he beats up a few thugs, makes a speech and fights tyranny. This simple premise is flawed by the first couple of scenes. The outsider dispatches people easily at one point, only to be jumped by a random extra and got whooped in the next. Considering that everyone moves as though they are in fashion show, it's borderline comedy this near superhuman can be even wounded, his plot armor must have worn off.Acting is equivalent of cardboard box, but at least one could draw smiley or sad faces at a box. To be fair, it's not the actors' fault, the script barely gives anyone personality aside from one-dimensional extra from Vikings or 300. Story is heavily predictable, and the title helps by giving it away. There could be some underlying message of vengeance here but it's buried by the piles of slow-mo spam.The fight is mediocre, either it's slow or shaky cam. There's barely logic in this as well, people swing and charge recklessly. Soundtracks are mesh between electronic and techno. It's a strange style and could've worked better if the movie had ordinary pace. Cinematography is different shots of a forest. Some with all trees, a few buildings and its interior. The film tries too hard on creating cool shots, it is literally nothing but slow motion.Watching Sword of Vengeance is more like looking at slideshow of concept art, which may be edgy in modesty, but not for entire movie. Alternatively, one could watch Robin Hood in half speed or compilation of fights from 300, any of those should prove more interesting.