Harm's Way

Harm's Way

Darlene and her daughter Victoria seek refuge at a remote rural safe house for abused women that's run by the strict and tough, but folksy and supportive Bea. Things turn sour when Bea proves to be a total lunatic with an especially dangerous influence on the impressionable Victoria.

Darlene and her daughter Victoria seek refuge at a remote rural safe house for abused women that's run by the strict and tough, but folksy and supportive Bea. Things turn sour when Bea ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lily c (us) wrote: this movie is awesome for girls and adults to watch it is a very good movie and teaches girls a little lesson on not wanting to grow up so fast but other then that it is a really good movie you should definitely watch it!!

Ed C (mx) wrote: One sentence summary: Kidnappers meet monster meets spring rituals.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening inter-titles: high school senior young women go missing, year after year, since 1984. The film has already jumped the shark. That sort of thing would have been stopped in well under 30 years. Alyssa and Rachel leave a bar late at night. Rachel is conflicted about having made a mistake at work. Alyssa tells her to let someone else take the fall for it. Their car starts, eventually, but they immediately get a flat. Then they get abducted, taken to a barn, and strung up by their wrists by The Stranger. The Stranger does whatever the monster in the cellar needs. In a parallel thread, Ben and Paul kidnap Kelly, the daughter of Ryan, the principal employer in the area, and Jessica, Kelly's nanny. They demand 2 million USD in 2 hours. The kidnapping rolls forward on schedule, more or less. Tommy picks up the money, but he also picks up Kelly's father Ryan. Rachel gets free, then tries to help Alyssa, who is already dead by decapitation. Rachel escapes and runs; she goes to the place where the kidnappers are. The two plot threads come together. Ryan has Jessica freed, but Jessica is in league with Paul. Jessica shoots Ryan, and Paul informs the rest of them that he and Jessica are taking the 2 million. Then he kills Tommy. Ben and Amy are left defenseless against these two. Meanwhile, Rachel and the monstrous killer are racing toward the kidnappers. No one listens to her, of course. The monster decapitates Jessica. In the middle of all this, young Kelly breaks free and escapes. Ben has an opportunity to end all this by killing Paul, but of course he does not have the courage. Paul takes Rachel hostage and leaves. Rachel keeps insisting they have to clear out. The monster kills Paul, and takes another head. Ben, Amy, Rachel, and the monster are left. Ben and Amy go looking for a telephone, only to find the house of The Stranger. Amy's probably out of luck, but when The Stranger starts to carve up Ben, Rachel hammers The Stranger. The find Amy strung up on a cross, but the monster kills her. Ben throws Rachel his keys, then the monster does in Ben. Amy finds the car, travels down the road a bit, seems to find some help, but the one who could have aided her turns out the lights.-----Scores----- Cinematography: 0/10 Camera shake. Way out of focus intervals. I liked the 2.35 aspect ratio, which sometimes means that excellent cinematography is on the way. Not here, not at all. More camera shake. Amateurish framing mistakes, inside-outside light level mistakes, ridiculous fades to totally out of focus blurs on the entire screen. Sound: 7/10 Best part of the film. Acting: 4/10 OK, given the script. Screenplay: 0/10 Corn plants that are 7 or 8 feet tall, with full ears, on March 21? Perhaps not. New abductions every year for close to thirty years with no solution? I don't think so. The monster had minutes of opportunity to do in Rachel. He usually killed his victims in one strike. What was the weird nest in the cellar? Not answered. Was this a crime movie? Not a very good one. Was it a horror movie? Not a convincing one or a scary one.

Ludovic L (au) wrote: un voyage, une histoire, des images. Un bon film.

Kevin C (ru) wrote: Tough, grim Belgian noir that is a tough watch at times. Very much in the mode of BBC4's Nordic noir, you could argue it's more TV than cinematic. However it's a compelling thriller, although 30-minutes too long.

James B (ca) wrote: It's kind of the same thing over and over again. There are definitely better Jon Heder, and Will Ferrell comedies out there. You can skip this one.

Cathy C (jp) wrote: Disney has animated TomorrowLand in a good way( not like the 2015 version). It is the perfect way to see the future. Review by Logan Cornn.

Pat W (de) wrote: Falls Victim to the Same Pitfalls That Claim Too Many Other Canadian Films Certainly not the same calibre as Lepage(TM)s other movies. The Matrix presented more philosophical questions in its first five minutes than Possible Worlds? did for its whole ninety-two minutes. I don(TM)t need gunfights and explosions but there was an odd choice of perspective that failed to capture the intrigue of such great subject matter. There are definitely some intellectual elements that stir up curiosity but you can get that from reading a newspaper article also. Once the movie is done you feel as if you(TM)ve been told a story that occurred along side something even more fascinating but it(TM)s only mentioned as a side note. It would be like your friend telling you a story about finding a corpse in his rosebush but only telling you about how the rosebush was affected. It almost seemed that the plot had to be simplified so as not to lose the viewer. It should have been even more mysterious and the lead should have been much more passionate considering the type of story it is telling. It is frustrating to see such a good concept get tripped up by such a typical flaw of Canadian films " slow pace and blunted acting.

Daniel T (ag) wrote: Not even as a stupid child did I find this funny I instead spent the whole movie wondering what the fuck is going on.

MacDara C (br) wrote: (Watched Fri 01 Feb 2008)

Giovanni M (it) wrote: A cliched, feel-good movie that drowns the talented cast in gooey sentiment and overdone melodrama.

Rose G (gb) wrote: Really funny Pixar short.